Sunday, May 08, 2011

Some Aretha Franklin for Mother's Day.

I heard this song during JUMPING THE BROOM and thought of my mom.

She may not really get all my wackado life choices.

"Hi, Mom. I'm going to quit a job I like and move to Rome, Italy and write screenplays."

"Please stop asking me when I'm going to get married. It's not going to happen." It so funny how my dad never asks me about getting married.

My mom and I had two completely upbringings. I'm an American and she was raised in a tiny village on a tiny Caribbean island. My teenage years were not fun. We couldn't relate to each other at all.

I never had that "bestie" relationship with my mom. However, once I got older, spent more time in the Caribbean and especially moving overseas myself, I have a much better understanding of what it was like for her to move to America.

My mom is a f-ing bad ass. Really. I moved from one big city to another other. My mom moved from an island of less than 30,000 to New York freaking City. She made that move in the early 60s. Think about what was going on in America back then.

We may not do the whole hang out all day like girlfriends thing, but I appreciate how much my mom believes in me and supports me despite my unconventional career path.

Thanks Mom and Happy Mother's Day!!


Nicole said...

Love. Congrats on the Jezebel write up!

GigiSxm said...

awww that's so honest and raw.
I saw your mom at Church this morning

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Nicole - Thank you!

GigiSxm - you did?! Small world.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny. I am Puerto Rican and I think my mom is more into me getting married than anyone I know. My dad never asks me about that stuff either. Loved reading your previous posts, and look forward to reading more.

Cocina Diary

Valerie said...

Great tribute! It's wonderful when we reach that point where we can see and appreciate what our moms went through, even when we don't see eye to eye. Brava.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

angie - thanks for stopping by. I don't think my mom is going to ever stop asking me about getting married.

valerie - grazie!