Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback Friday - The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets

I realize people born in the '80s may only know the melody thanks to Biggie Smalls. I do remember when this slow jam dropped in 1983. Anyone remember the "Quiet Storm" on WBLS in NYC?

Older folks used to say songs like this were "baby making music." ha

The Isley Brothers' first hit was "Shout" in 1959. They go way back.

Have a great weekend.


gibber said...

"shhhhhhhhh...the quiet storm". Hell yes I remember that! I loved the quiet storm. This is a great song.

Karen said...

omg, Love the Isley Brothers ('for the love of you' is my fav). I think Quiet Storm was a syndicated show -- and, yes, I remember (Sunday nights, right?)!

terrybhola said...

Great Song!!! Reminds my of an ex-girlfriend from North Carolina who hated my cat but LOVED that song. Ahhh, NYC back in '89. [Sigh]

Anyway, thanks for the flashback:-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - yes, it is.

karen - Love that song too. I think the Quiet Storm originated in DC at WHUR and then was syndicated.

terry - you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

You pull out these songs ... my "free" self comes back to memory.
Ahhh those goold old days!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

paola - I know there were some horrendous one hit wonders from the 80s, but songs like this are classics.