Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snapshot Rome: Pastificio San Lorenzo

A few weeks ago I finally made it over to Pastificio San Lorenzo.

Last year an Italian friend had pointed out the building, telling me it used to be a pasta factory. Above the restaurant are artists lofts and there's also a gallery space.

My friend, Jessica, suggested we meet there for her birthday drinks. It was a fantastic idea.

San Lorenzo is a serious schlep from my side of town. While in the area I had to stop by SAID for some chocolate.

We had a great time sitting at the bar. The cocktails are excellent (Jessica and I had Moscow Mules). My wine expert friend appreciated the variety of Sicilian wines and the food was delicious. Our waiter was super friendly.

I really like the decor and the vibe. I will definitely return.

Pastificio San Lorenzo
via Tiburtina 196 (near Piazzale Verano)
+39 0697273519
Closed Monday
Open lunch and dinner Tues-Fri & Sun
Open dinner only Saturday

Some dessert for the lady celebrating her birthday.


Scintilla said...

I'd seriously go out of my way just for those desserts!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

scintilla - they were delicious!

Malika said...

I just read the article in this month's issue of Ebony Magazine--I did the same thing! I also quit my job and decided to go to Roma! I felt so free, did you feel like an immense pressure was lifted when you made that decision? I wish I had found your blog when I was in Italy, I was seriously looking for African-American expats to connect with while there. I've just returned to LA after spending 6 months in Roma. I've been traveling back and forth for about a year and a half, I need a more permanent solution. Ma fino ad allora, spero che la prossima volta io sto a roma posso trovare gli espatriati Afro-Americani!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

malika - I hope you enjoyed your time in Rome. I visited the city five years ago and moved two years later. Best decision I've made in a long time.