Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Oscars (aka our Superbowl)

Ciao Bloggisti,

What did you think of the show? Co-hosting the Oscars is difficult. I wonder who they will get for next year.

Most of the predictions were dead on.

Several of the acceptance speeches were very funny and/or moving. Some of my favorites were, David Seidler who one for Best Original Screenplay, Colin Firth's, Luke Matheny who won the Oscar for Best Short and Christian Bale's.

I wondered about the special Lena Horne tribute by Halle Berry. Hmmm, interesting it happened in a year where there was A LOT of mainstream press about the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

I really liked the Best Picture montage.

The dresses!! The detailing on Cate Blanchett's was stunning. She always makes interesting choices. I liked her dress and I don't care that some people are putting it on their "worse dressed" lists. They can go kick some rocks.

Sandra Bullock looked beautiful in red. I loved the color of Jennifer Hudson's dress. Not sure about the fit or her lace front.

Of course I will be watching the "Fashion Police" post-Oscar show. Kelly Osbourne's dress was very pretty.


Judith of Umbria said...

I am alwaqys glad it's not me, because you just can't makre everyone happy but everyone seems to own the right to make you unhappy.

Sherry said...

I love Colin Firth so I was thrilled he won. Not really feeling J-Hud's dress, only because I thought the plunging neckline ended up appearing ill-fitting. It was a beautiful color though.

milanese masala said...

I've been watching the Oscars (the abridged Sky version)and Oscar-related shows all day. Can't get enough! Haven't seen the entire show yet but I agree on Seidler's speech. Tom Hooper's was really sweet as well. I'm so so thrilled Colin Firth won after years of superb perfomances. Love him!
Other thoughts: Was James Franco high? Anne Hathaway's "woo hoo"-ing was very annoying but she was alright (loved her in the red Valentino gown, btw). Liked the draping on Cate Blanchett's dress but still not sure if I like the front cameo-ish part. Nicole Kidman had amazing taste throughout awards season but last night it looked like she was wearing a folded napkin. Penelope Cruz looked great and she just had a baby! Halle Berry was stunning. I loved the bottom half of Gwyneth's dress but the top was a bit meh.
Sorry for going on but hey, it's the Oscars!

Paola said...

I agree with you on David Seidler's speech, really cool, as Colin Firth's (so British!) and Christian Bale.
Come think about it ... they're all British. So I guess British humour played a big role this Oscar night.

As per dresses, there were a lot of beautiful ones but I really loved Mila Kunis, gorgeous colour, great detail, fresh yet elegant.
And then the obvious Halle Berry (swoon), or Mandy Moore which was perfect in tailoring and grace.
Ms. Hathaway did a great job as well, I think.
J Hud chose the perfect colour for her but her buxom wasn't very well placed ... fail.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

judith - same here. All that pressure!

sherry - I agree that color was stunning on her.

milanese - don't apologize. Like I said, I will be watching Fashion Police's post Oscar show tonight!

paola - I'm surprised about the fit of JHud's dress. I wonder who her stylist is.

ieishah said...

Cate Blanchett is God. Just so we're clear.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ieishah - you speak the truth.