Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Working day and night...International Rome Film Fesitval

Now it really feels like summer is over.

It's 20 degrees cooler, it's raining and the noise level in my neighborhood has dropped quite a bit. I guess no one likes to drink outside when it raining.

I just received notes from my manager on the CE script so I'm in deep rewrite mode. He was enthusiastic about my script, which is a good thing. Will it sell is a completely different issue.

Once again, I wrote something character driven. I must think of some "high concept ideas."

Also, I started working for the fourth annual International Rome Film Festival (October 15-23). I pretty much jumped into the deep end on this one.

I will be working with the International press office. The head of the office informed her colleagues (who are multi-lingual) to speak Italian with me. Oh oh.

She's right. Time for some tough love, after a year and a half I should be speaking more. She was kind enough to say that I am getting better.

My Italian is going to be so much stronger after the festival ends.


J.Doe said...

That sounds like a great job!

erin :: the olive notes said...

this sounds wonderful!!! exciting (a bit nerve-wracking), but wonderful. I'd love to be apart of that. Plus yay about your script :)

Monie said...

nyc/caribbean ragazza,

Wow, that sounds like a fun gig! And good luck w/ the Italian immersion course at work. That's a great way to learn.

Lola said...

Did you hook up with my sister Giovanna at the New Cinema Network office?

Good for you. Keeping fingers crossed re script

Lola xx

milanese masala said...

Wow! Great to hear things are looking up for you. Although it may seem nervewracking now, getting thrown in the deep end is the only way to really improve language skills. A few months after I arrived in Italy my husband got tired of translating everything for me and forced me to speak for myself. And it worked. Hang in there and hopefully I'll bump into you in Rome next week :)

regina di roma said...

what fun! Do post and let us know about the schedule of films, how/if tickets are available etc!

Jessica said...

Congrats with the Film Festival....that's great! For your language and just in terms of doing something different. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Honey, remember, you managed to acquire a PATENTE ITALIANA. This means that you can stand proud and fearless in the face of anyone trying to merely speak to you in Italian. PS Say hi to Monica Bellucci and her two assets for me. Isn't she like always on the red carpet there, regardless of whether she has something new out?

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

PPS Thank God for a bit of peace and quiet in Campo! Gesu'!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

J. doe - I really like my co-workers. The job is kicking my butt though. ha

erin - grazie

monie - true it is. After a few days maybe my brain will stop hurting. :)

lola - no I've haven't yet. I've been working mostly from home.

milanese - I know you're right but man it's hard not to fall back into English when you're speaking with Italian who you know speak English perfectly. Shoot me an email if you're available next week.

regina di roma - As the schedule firms up I'll post the website.

jessica - thanks. I'm curious to see how it goes too. ha.

shelley - I miss you so much! Yeah I'll say hi to Monica and her assets for you. I was just explaining to someone the drama of the Patente, they couldn't believe it.

This week has been much quieter around here. Thank god is right. I was ready to go Jersey on some folks.