Thursday, September 10, 2009

A wine tasting at Borgo Maragliano, Piemonte, Italy

The Piemonte area of Italy is known for its outstanding wines.

The ride up to the Borgo Maragliano vineyard was very pretty but scared me. Seriously, the hair pin turns going up the mountain were no joke. As we continued up the mountain, I wondered how do people manage when it snows?

It was Diana and Micha's first visit to this vineyard. It had been recommended by another Piemontese.

The vineyard has been in the family for five generations. Silvia, the daughter-in-law, did the tasting. She was fantastic. Silvia really knows her wine and has a great personality. She has a degree in literature and speaks several lanauges. Her husband studied oenology. She travels all over the world and Italy for the vineyard.

I’ve been to wine tastings before in Napa. This was more personal. We met Silvia's husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law who was with her great grandchildren.

The wine was excellent and very reasonably price.

I like being able to buy directly from the grower. I think it’s important to support local growers. When I went to pay for my wine, Silvia refused to take my money and wished me a happy birthday.

I picked the Crevoglio Chardonnay. I loved their prosecco but since I live by myself I thought sparkling wine was not the way to go. Once you open a bottle, you have to drink it pretty qyickly. Their Moscato d’Asti was also incredible. It’s one of their biggest sellers, especially in Asia.

When I lived on the States I avoided Chardonnay (when did Chardonnay get such a bad rep?). The Crevoglio, however, is delicious.

Here is their website. I believe you need to call ahead and make reservations for a tasting.

The vineyard.

This was in the old wine cellar. The family used to fill this section with snow (there was a hole in the ceiling) and it would be the refrigerator for the farm. It was so nice and cool in the cellar.

Silvia in the tavernetta which dates from 1750.

The Madonna keeping an eye on things.


Gil said...

Just beautiful!

gibber said...

sis, how high is the elevation there?

Peter @ italyMONDO! said...

"When I went to pay for my wine, Silvia refused to take my money and wished me a happy birthday."

...The Italian spirit (and heart) at its best!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gil - It is. I can't wait to return and explore more of the area.

gibber - I'm not sure. Quite high as there are ski resorts near by.

peter - really. I was so touched.

Diana Strinati Baur said...

Gibber, we were at about 2500 feet when we visited the vineyard. It's in the lower part of the Maritime Alps, and this particular area gets its fantastic growing season as a result of the maritime breezes which make there way over from Liguria to the south, and from the fact that it is actually only about 30 kilometers further to Barolo to the west.

Silvia has an unbelievable place and we are so happy that we took Ragazza up there! Made for a special birthday for her and a great afternoon for us all.

gibber said...

oh, 2500 feet is nothing. i can handle that. anything about 4500 starts to give me some issues :)

Diana Strinati Baur said...

well, then come on over. There will be a bottle of something good waiting for you and sis..

Lenox Ave said...

I like the family tradition. It's a thing of beauty that is passed on. Continuity is fabulous.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Lenox ave - I like that too.

diana - grazie!

bblogger said... don't know but, but awesome! :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

bblogger - awesome is a very good word describe the vineyard.