Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday – Birthday Edition - Rush "Tom Sawyer"

Today is my brother's birthday (aught!), Sunday is my dad's and next week is my sister's. Phew. March was a busy birthday month in our house.

This song so reminds me of growing up in the 'burbs and hearing Rush, Led Zeppelin etc.

My brother went to Howard University and lived off campus his last two years.

One day he was chilling in his apartment, playing an eclectic range of music. In between Led tracks a neighbor knocked on his front door. He asked my brother if everything was okay. My brother was puzzled until the guy said "I heard that music." ha

A couple years ago I was having lunch with a talent manager who is black and grew up in Beverly Hills. He told me once he was driving down the street blaring "Tom Sawyer". A car blaring rap pulled up and the driver of that car looked at the manager like he was nuts.

Sigh, music is music.

This song has one of the best drum parts ever. Neil Peart is up there with Jon Bonham.

Have great weekend.


milanesemasala said...

You really are a Torontonian at heart! This song takes me back, even if I wasn't a big Rush fan. But it got a lot of airplay back home. Italians love Rush as well. When I first came here on holiday as soon as they found out I was Canadian they would either mention grizzly bears, the Rocky Mountains or Rush.

glamah16 said...

LOL. I hate when people try to put us in abox about the music we like. Trust me I get the looks all the time.

Lola said...

See, this is where my "neither fish nor flesh" trait sticks out like a bold red sign. I don't know Rush (said with sheepish voice). I grew up listening to a lot of bad music. Have a nice weekend.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

milianese - you know how much I love the TO. ha

glamah16 - ha. I think things have gotten better. Back in the day I used to get so much grief about my music.

lola - believe me, I have posted a few horrific videos during Flashback Fridays. I love 80s music and some of it was beyond cheesy.