Thursday, March 12, 2009

AS Roma vs Arsenal

The game that wouldn't end.

SKY is running a special where all subscribers get SKY SPORT and SKY CINEMA for free for three months. I have to admit I've enjoyed watching NCAA basketball and other sports on the American channel ESPN. Of course my soccer watching has increased.

Roma outplayed Arsenal and won the game but penalty kicks decided who would go to the next round. Roma lost the penalty round. Grrrr.

I didn't realize at first there was a penalty round. When the game finally ended I was excited Roma won then noticed they were setting up for kicks. What the heck? The teams had each won one game. Got it.

All the players were exhausted. Poverina Roma, maybe next year they will win the European Champion League.

photo Corriere dello Sport.


Diana Strinati Baur said...

Unfortunately things did not go well for Inter Milan either. They lost against Manchester United. Micha kept refilling his wine glass while muttering obscenities under his breath. Not a good sign.

It works by cumulative goals. Away goals can count double. Rome lost at Arsenal 0-1 and Arsenal lost in Rome 0-1, so it was exactly equal, one goal each. The away goals count as double. If Rome had tied Arsenal at Arsenal 0-0 and also tied last night with a score of 1-1, then Arsenal would have won, even though the games were both tied scores, because the one Arsenal away goal would have counted as double.

Please understand I am not a big soccer fan but after 24 years I have absorbed this kind of trivia just from living with one.

Lola said...

Boy your post title fits perfectly, the game NEVER seemed to end. I live in an apartment building and my new upstairs neighbors moved in recently after turning the 2 room Parioli flat into a NYC loft, devoiding it of all dividing walls and perhaps forgetting that this annulls all soundproof noise absorption. The neighbors are huge and fervent AS Roma fans, which is fine. Unfortunately their mega flatscreen TV set sits exactly above my toddler's bed. With every roar of supporter's rage/exultation, we downstairs experience an earthquake. The Arsenal game torture lasted what felt like forever. Maybe we should change the rules of the game...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

diana - I watched part of the Inter game. Very sad as well. Thanks for explaining the scoring. that is so interesting that away game goals count double.

lola - poverina. I could hear the roar of the crowd from the bar/cafe down the street but your situation is a lot worse. You might need to stay with friends during a Lazio/Roma game.

Lola said...

OMG yes...when is that? Brr (shivers of fear) a presto.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

lola - I'm not sure when the next one is.