Wednesday, February 06, 2008

J. Crew's yellow purse in Rome, Terroni and Whitney Houston

I know those things would seem to have nothing in common but they do. Ha.

(I just heard on the news HRC won Cali. I knew she would with her coalition. It's not a winner take all state so we'll see how many delegates Obama gets).

A friend in NYC told me she just got her J.Crew catalogue in the mail. This issue was shot in Rome. Bellissima. I haven't received mine yet so I went to the J. Crew website and found a short film. Okay, I have walked down Via Giulia (one of the most beautiful streets in the world) many times and don't remember seeing any sailors. As I watched the film it occured to me, I am moving there next month! It doesn't feel real.

(I don't know what is going on with Blogger but the code in the short film is the J. site but it pulls up mine instead. Weird. I'd tried to fix it this morning. It did the same thing when I tried to link to Sara's blog earlier). Anyway, I suggest all the Rome lovers check it out.

Speaking of Italy, for lunch I met a film exec at Terroni. It was just as good as the Toronto branch. While I was waiting for her, I bumped into one of the actors from our movie and the director's former assistant. It was so good to see them.

As I was leaving the restaurant, I saw Whitney Houston. She looked great. I was worried about her for a minute around the time of her infamous Diane Sawyer interview. Some of her music was too cheesy for even me, but damn her voice was amazing. I hope her comeback album does well.


Kathy said...

I can't wait to hear all your stories from Rome!

And I've been meaning to ask - are you in contact with FH man? If that's none of my business, my apologies! :-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kathy - no it's okay. He is traveling. I need to email him and tell him I'm moving to Rome.

erin said...

love the video...i have to stop watching it or i'll begin to feel like i need that yellow bag. I mean, it's so versatile, it can be a purse, or a pillow for some hot guy :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm pulling for Whitney's recovery, too. And I agree both about the cheesiness but blow-away-incredible talent.

I'm glad your meeting/lunch went well. Would you be able to work with them in Rome at all?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - ha. I know it is versatile. Yellow and green are big colors this spring. I am so sick of my winter clothes.

jen - oh the film exec doesn't have anything to do with Italy but the actor I bumped into is French and has worked in Italy. He promised to give me a few names to look up.

I remember when Whitney's debut album dropped. Everyone knew she was going to be a major talent.

Cherrye said...

Now I gotta go look at that bag! How are you moving plans coming?? I couldn't tell from this post - are you pulling for HRC?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

cherrye - they are going along well. I will feel much better once I have the contract from the landlord in Rome.

I am not pulling for HRC despite working for the Clinton campaign in Little Rock during the '92 election. I am have calmed down but I was furious with some of their campaign tactics post Iowa.

I want a change. We have had a Bush or a Clinton on the ticket for the past 27 years. Enough already.

modelbehavior said...

Glad Whitney is doing okay. I love her.

And JCrew clothes in Rome? Isn't that like an oxymoron?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

modelbehavior - They have a very pretty dress called "Trastevere" and some of their clothes/accessories are made in Italy. I picked up a catalogue at lunch (I was at a restaurant near by) and I like the layout. I wonder what they did with all the graffitti. ha

Last year's summer catalogue was shot in Capri. Clearly someone there has a thing for Italia.

odessa said...

found your blog via michelle's bleeding espresso and thought i must comment on this one because i LOVE, LOVE that short J. Crew film! and that yellow purse is so tempting, i have to remind myself constantly that i really don't need it. =)
best of luck with your move to that beautiful city!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

odessa - Hello, thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes.

Isn't that purse great? I don't need it either but I did walk into J. Crew yesterday to look at it. While I was there I saw so many spring things I would love to have. sigh.

wordtryst said...

I was wondering about FH myself!

I'm another who's pulling for Whitney. I feel for her in her challenges, to the point of getting all misty-eyed... That voice never fails to transport me. Cheesy? How dare you...! :) I also tend to get furious when I read all the trashing she gets from ignorant twits!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wordtryst - I didn't mean to offend you. :)
I have a good feeling Ms. Houston will be back.