Monday, February 25, 2008

Essence Magazine's Hollywood Luncheon and the Oscars.

This has been a subdued Oscar week. Post writers strike a bunch of big parties were canceled. It has been rainy and chilly all week adding to the blah mood. One of the highlights of the week for me was the first Essence Magazine Luncheon honoring Black Women in Hollywood. Ruby Dee was one of the honorees and her speech was so moving, as was Jada Pinkett Smith's. Tom Terrific and Katie were there. Their body language was weird. Tom presented Jada with her award. Will came up first and was hilarious and charming.

I saw a bunch of people I have seen in a while. Many of the actresses looked stunning. Kerry Washington and Paula Patton really stood out. Both of them have such great energy. I wish there were more interesting roles for actresses.

A jazz singer signed to Verve/Universal named Ledisi performed. She was amazing! Ledisi sang one original song (she had a pianist with her) and then did a cover of "Yesterday". Okay how many times have we heard that song covered? However, when she starting singing, it was as if I was hearing the lyrics for the first time. I looked around and saw quite a few execs tearing up. I think we sometimes forget how powerful these songs are and the musicianship involved because we hear them so often. Something about her vocal choices just kicked me in the gut. I almost started sobbing but I pulled it together. Phew.

Some random thoughts about the Oscars:

I actually laughed a couple of times during the opening monologue.

Javier Bardem - You sir are too f*cking talented and sexy. Love the suit.

John Travolta - I'm scared!! Lay off the Botox.

Why did they show that Cuba "acting a fool" Gooding clip?

Yeah! Ratatouille won best Animated movie.

I changed the channel when Jessica "I have no talent" Alba walked out on stage. Yes she is pretty but her ass does not belong at the Oscars.

Best Actress award goes to Marion Cotillard! Yes. She was just amazing in La Vie En Rose.

Once - Yeah, they won best song. This was one of my favorite movies last year. Made in Ireland for under 100k in a couple of weeks, this is a really sweet romantic movie. It's out on DVD.

Cameron Diaz presenting - Time to hit the mute button.

Diablo Cody is now an Oscar winning screenwriter.

Daniel Day Lewis - You are a bad ass. No American actors won awards this year.

The Coen Brothers win for best directing - yes. I used to see Ethan when I lived in NYC. He lived near the original Kiehl's store on 3rd Avenue (a place I spent too much money in).

Denzel - You are looking f*cking fine at 53!

Best Picture - No Country for Old Men!!! I am very happy about that.


Kathy said...

About the Oscars, I completely agree with you about: Javier Bardem, John Travolta, Ratatouille, Jessica Alba (I think she's gorgeous, but that's it), Cameron Diaz (I don't get all the fuss over her at all), Daniel Day Lewis and Denzel. I don't know much about the other people/movies you mentioned, so I won't comment!

Glad you had a good time at the luncheon. Tell me more about Tom Terrific and Katie's body language! I am strangely fascinated by their weirdness. Yes, I know, that's weird in itself, but I have to amuse myself somehow!

I was going to mention...I'll be in Positano again in June, so if you happen to catch a train down there for a day or so, I'd love to meet you for lunch or a glass of wine!

Texas Espresso said...

I am so happy to read your post - I kept checking in to see what you had to say. =)

A few of my thoughts -
I think John Stewart is funny - I liked him.

OMG - Javier Bardem. need I say more? really - all thoughts fly out of my head when I see him. and listen to him speak Spanish. DAMN

Daniel Day Lewis - love him. His loopy earrings make me want to flick them. still - love him.

Amen on John Travolta - he just looks weird.

Once - I was totally charmed by those two and can't wait to rent the movie.

Renee Z - why oh why do you purse your lips so much. Geez it drives me nuts! and make sure your finely sculpted legs are admired by all. STOP WITH THE LIPS.

Coen brothers - I love their movies. I haven't seen this one and might not cuz I am not in an intense movie watching state of mind, but I don't doubt its genius.

Fashion - overall I liked the dresses this year. I know she is old and all, but I loved the color of Helen Mirans dress. Steve Carrel, whats his face McDreamy, and Forrest Whittaker all have gorgeous wives. I had never seen them and wow - especially, Forrest's - can I look like her please?

ok, I will stop now. Overall - enjoyed the Oscars. I wasn't mad about anyone not winning =) Yeah, and more about the weirdness

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kathy - You are? Yes I will let you know if I will be down on the coast.

One of my colleagues had a better view than I did. They didn't speak to each other or even touch. Katie seems like a robot. Poor girl. What has she gotten herself into?

Texas espresso - Yes Keisha Whitaker is very pretty. She is in Vogue this month (the one with Drew Barrymore on the cover).

Not sure what is going on with Renee Z. and her lips. She squints alot as well.

Helen Mirren is fierce. I don't care how old she is. She is classy and an amazing actress (unlike the gum chompping Cameron Diaz.)

Anonymous said...

tracey k/ohio: I didn't get into the oscars this year. In fact, I didn't even know they came on until this morning when they were showing the gowns. Only one comment: Ledisi - if you don't have her CD - it's a must have. Her voice is awesome!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I loved Bardem and loved his tribute to his mama. And I was thrilled that Marion Cotillard won for La Vie en Rose! I'd never seen her as anything other than Piaf, and it was delightful to see this beautiful, young vibrant woman. It gives me even more admiration for her performance.

And I don't get the Cameron Diaz thing, either. And do you notice that they ALWAYS get the "babe" who's been listed as "sexiest" or whatever to give those tech awards. It's like a bone thrown to the "techies" - as if it's an all-male field, or if it's only mildly appropriate that their awards are shunted off the way they were.

Okay, off the soapbox.

I only watched through Cotillard's award - I had to get up early.

glamah16 said...

I wasn't impressed this year although I was very happy with all the winners. The Euros stole the show.Ruby should have got award as Tilda will have many more chances in her life I'm sure(she looked like a wax statue) I love Marion Clotillard and her fish dress by Gautier!Intersting that Essence has a lunch now. My company has been a doing a Oscar Party for Black Hollywood for the past few years.

homebody at heart said...

I didn't watch the Oscars but I don't watch any of the "award" shows anymore. But when I saw Heidi Klum on the front page of the newspaper this morning, all I could think was, *wow*!!!. Now that is glamour and class!

Confessions of Cleopantha said...

l didn't watch the oscars either. Now you do know that Denzel is a bit of a regular in Positano...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracey k - after seeing her perform I will def. check out her CD.

jen - that is a good point. Ha. I thought she was fun in Charlie's Angels and very good in Being John Malkovich but in The Holiday? No comment.

glamah16 - I loved Marion's dress as well. It was different. A couple years ago Savoy (remember that magazine?) used to have a very fun Oscar party.

homebody - Yes Heidi knows how to wearing a dress. So many women wore red this year.

confessions - I saw his photo at Chez Black. I had missed him by a few weeks.

Tracie B. said...

i've had a crush on javier ever since i saw live flesh!

La Casalinga said...

I thought that Helen Mirren looked amazing...she exudes a keen sense of style and comfort in one's own skin. I think that is sexy and fun at any age. She rocked the red carpet.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracie b. - I think the first movie I saw him in was "Before Night Falls".

la casalinga - I couldn't agree more!

Chris said...

Will Smith is the man...absolutely love that guy.

Bardem has been talented for a long time now, he's always just engrossed himself in the spanish film scene. Hopefully he gets into some more mainstream roles. Check out 'love in the time of cholera'

Marion Cotillard, unreal

I think that wasn't really Travolta but he's wax statue from Madame Tousseau's...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

chris - hello, JT looked bananas!

Los Angelista said...

That party sounds really fun.

I've never thought Cameron was pretty and her dress/makeup/hair just made her look super washed out this year.

If Travolta's an example of what auditing does to someone, I'll definitely pass.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

los angelista - your last sentence cracked me up!