Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday - Michael Jackson - "Thriller"

Last Flashback we "let the music play" with Shannon.

I cannot believe it's the 25th Anniversary of this album's release. Since I was only two years old at the time I don't really remember much.

Seriously, when this album (I guess my use of the word "album" proves that I'm older than twenty-six) dropped it was a major event. The biggest selling album in the world had 8 singles out of 9 tracks! Now you are lucky to get two decent tracks out of 15 and the record labels wonder why people would rather buy singles off iTunes instead of buying a whole CD.

Produced by the amazing Quincy Jones "Thriller" stayed on the charts for weeks. John Landis directred the video for the single "Thriller" which is one of the best known short films in the world. Sadly for Mr. Jackson, things were never the same. He kept trying to top this album in order to keep his "King of Pop" title. He drastically changed his appearance. We "broke up" when "Thriller" came out. I didn't like his Jheri -curls, nose job and thought his relationship with Webster was suspect.

It was difficult time in my young life. See, I was supposed to marry Michael Jackson. I just knew it from the time I was seven. During his years with the Jackson Five, reaching its peak when "Off the Wall" came out, my love for Michael was strong. After we broke up I moved on to El DeBarge (a little too skinny but still cute) and Sting (I didn't know he was 30. Loved the accent) from The Police.

It was hard to decide which clip to link to. In the end I went with "Billie Jean" which was the first single of this legendary album.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

tracey k/Ohio: YOU were 'sposed to marry Mike? I was sure I was 'sposed to, until after Thriller, he came back "a changed man" should we say? (LOL!) I was 19 when this broke out (not to date myself) - it was one of the greatest 'albums' ever! Billie Jean is a good pick; the music, the dancing was unbelievable. Funny you mention El DeBarge - I was to marry his brother that used to be in a group called "Switch" (before you were born I guess.) Back in the days when I loved skinny, light-skinned, high-voiced men (LOL!!!!!!)

Los Angelista said...

He was so hot back then. And Billie Jean was the JAM! I miss those days.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I think Billie Jean is still my favorite. What an amazing album that was/is!

When I taught in Russia a couple of years later, that was the music my teen students wanted me to play over and over (and over and over) again.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracey K - I just saw some recent photos of El. It is so sad. What the heck happened? I think Chico also had some issues.

los angelista - Yes it was with one of the best baselines ever. I miss those days too.

jen - I forgot to mention how big the album was internationally. It seemed every teenager in the world knew the words to Beat It.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I also thought I was going to marry Michael Jackson back then. I still have the poster with him standing in front of a purple background, wearing a brown leather jacket and really tight blue jeans. This was naturally before "the change" occured. LOL Who knew that he was going to turn out to be such an odd guy!!! After that I had a big crush on George Michael and Prince. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? LOL Then it was Sting. I still have a big thing for him. Yes, he's a bit old for me but, he is well preserved. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to clarify something I said. When I said that I still have a big thing for him, I meant Sting and not Michael Jackson. Don't get it twisted. LOL


glamah16 said...

OK ,I thought something was wrong with me because I too had that perverse fantasy when I was younger to know better.

J.Doe said...

I was a lot older than you when 'Thriller' came out, but I loved the album then....still do. said...

at the time, the video was the scariest thing ever! To think those characters would all look better than Michael eventually.:) sorry, couldn't help myself! The music is timeless though.

L said...

Ciao raga! Just discovered your blog and mi piace da morire!!
As for Thriller, I vividly remember buying the album, taking off the cellowrap, lovingly taking out that vinyl goodness from the sleeve and poring over the lyrics. Not only did I want to marry Michael, I wanted to look like him, from the Beat It jacket to the pleather pants. How sick is that?!?

Cherrye said...

I never was gonna marry MJ, but Thriller scared the crap out of me and my little sis. We listened to the "tape" one night, and she came to bed with me, then during the
"ha ha ha ha ha" part at the end, we ran to my parents! ha

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ms. ATL. - ha. I knew what you meant. I saw Sting once at a movie premiere. I cannot believe he is in his mid 50s. Must be all that tantric sex and yoga. :)

glamah16 - Don't feel bad. Cleary many of us felt that way about MJ.

j. doe - So do I.

joe - that is pretty damn funny. Poor MJ. His plastic surgeons should lose their licenses.

l - ciao, thanks for stopping by. Everyone was wearing those red jackets from the "Beat It" video. I wanted one but my parents wouldn't buy it for me. I was very sad about that.

Cherrye - ha. Yes that was the great Vincent Price. His voice was very scary.

Anonymous said...

"Ms. ATL. - ha. I knew what you meant. I saw Sting once at a movie premiere. I cannot believe he is in his mid 50s. Must be all that tantric sex and yoga. :)"

Ragazza, if that's what's keeping him from aging, sign me up!!! LOL Okay, I know I need to stop, but I couldn't help myself. I can't believe you've seen him in the flesh!!! As Flavor Flave would say, Woooowwww!


wordtryst said...

Ah, this brings back memories. Great music, great era.

I was supposed to marry Jermaine, though, but he dumped me for that Berry mogul's daughter. Broke my heart, it did. I turned to Sting for comfort, and we're still going okay.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ms. ATL - Hello, there are worse ways to get in shape. :)

wordtryst - ha!! I think you dodge a bullet. Jermaine has issues. He named his son Jermajesty.

Wow who knew there was all this love for Sting?