Friday, December 14, 2007

Caribbean Week: Music, Bob Marley

I was eight the first time I saw Bob Marley. One of my mom's friends and co-worker lived out in the suburbs. Her friend went through a ten year phase where every single one of her boyfriends was black (the friend was not). I remember one boyfriend was a doctor from Nigeria. We went to visit her friend and her boyfriend stopped by. He put on PBS and there was a Bob Marley concert on. My brother was four and he stopped playing with his toys to watch as well.

I used to think Jersey was like another country. So quiet compared to the city and very green. If we had not been over that day sitting in the guest room, who knows when I would have found Mr. Marley. My parents' generation is more about calypso and soca not reggae. The name "The Mighty Sparrow" was a big deal in our house.

Robert "bob" Nesta Marley was the son of a white Jamaican of British descent and a black Jamaican woman. He was constantly picked on because of his bi-racial background. Once his mom became a widow, they moved to Kingtson's Trenchtown slum. He learned how to fight and that is how he got the nick name "Tuff Gong".

I'm not a Rasta but Marley's music means a lot to me. He was so talented, the lyrics were deep and I'm not going to lie...I thought he was fine. He was such a charismatic performer, you knew he meant every word he sang.

My three year old nephew is already a fan thanks to my brother playing Marley during baths.

"life is worth more than gold" 'nuff said.


sognatrice said...

*Love* Bob Marley and I love how he is beloved across cultures, across generations, across those who love all different kinds of music. He is a constant, a true legend.

Even the Calabresi around here can sing along with "No Woman No Cry." Priceless ;)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sognatrice - that is so true. It is amazing how his music is known all over the world.

wordtryst said...

Ditto to all of the above. I love his music. At one time I used to blast "Redemption Song" every morning as I got ready for work. That song still gives me chills.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wodtryst - That song gives me chills as well. He is truly a Legend.