Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Venice day two: Burano and "where the @%#* is the ristorante?"

I took the ferry to Burano, the lace making island. I wonder what it would be like to like on an small island of only 2,700 people, so far from the main land. Burano is also know for it's colorfully painted houses. The houses were painted that way so fisherman could identify their homes when they returned.

I was so looking foward to eating at "Il Gatto Nero" which I read about and saw on Samatha Brown's Venice trip on the Travel Channel. It was closed for vacation until Dec. 3rd. I figured I would eat when I returned to Venice. I took a 12:30 ferry back and this time went to the F. Nove stop which was closer than San Marco. There are quite a few great places to eat in that area (Cannaregio). I was starving. Unfortuantely I was lost for almost two hours. I did get to see a very residential area of Venice. A few times I was in an alley and very happy that it was daylight. I know Venice is relativly safe but those alley and canals can be hella creepy. I could not find a single one of the restaurants I had read about. I had two maps and they were pretty much useless. I finally gave up and followed the arrows to the Rialo bridge. I heard there was a great bar/restaurant call Bancogiro right near the bridge on the canal. Non touristy (meaning the food is good and not overpriced), I walked over there and what did I see? "Closed for Vacation". At this point I wanted to throw my guidebooks into the freaking canal.

I made dinner reservations for a place I read about Osteria Antico Dolo. The waitress spoke no English. I orginally wanted to eat then but my brain wasn't working and I said yes when she asked if I wanted it for that evening. I crossed back over the Rialto and followed the signs to San Marco. Again I must have taken the long way. It took 40 minutes. When I was going to dinner, I took another route which took less than 15 minutes. As a result I was very early for my dinner, so I walked around for an half hour.

Dinner was very good. After a long day I was excited to sit down and have a nice meal.

Houses on Burano.

Interesting saying.

Wow these are some bright colors. I took these photos on a cloudy day. When it's sunny these colors must really pop.

Local kids playing soccer in the island's main piazza. This sqare also has leaning bell tower. It was under renovations.


erin said...

I'm so enjoying your photos :) I hope your meal was good - you deserved it after all that walking!

Jess said...

Wow those colors are incredible!

I think I'd be lost forever if I was wandering in Venice by myself. Totally charmed and happy, but lost. I read that addresses there are first one of the neighborhoods and then a number, but the numbers are not necessarily in sequence... imagine trying to deliver the mail!

Thanks for the terrific pictures!

J.Doe said...

I loved when we went to Burano. Glad you made it there. So many people don't. Lovely pictures, and i'm glad you had a good meal even after getting lost.

Liz said...

Those pictures are amazing and I'll bet that after all that walking, that must have been the best tasting dinner ever.

I'm glad it was daylight while you were going down that alley too.

Anonymous said...

l just love those photos. Thanks for posting them.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks everyone for the props on the photos!