Saturday, November 10, 2007

Italia week: Gennaro Gattuso

I have stated previously on this blog my appreciation for Mr. Gattuso.

I really have no idea what is being said in this clip from a popular comedy show. I do recognize some of the curse words. I think the body language sums it up. Around the 4:00 minute mark, the hand gestures are priceless. I don't know why the parking attendant thinks he can out run a soccer player. ha


Giulia said...

I've seen this before & OMG, it's too bad that you don't understand the entire dialogue because it is EXTREMELY HILARIOUS!
I can watch this clip over and over! Can you hear the thuds from Gattuso's kicks? That poor guy must have gotten some pretty good black and blues from them. Mess with a soccer player and of course he's gonna kick ya! LMAO

Have you seen the clip of Totti trying to get it on with the waitress at a restaurant he was at with some of his friends? Not as funny as Gattuso's clip, but still entertaining!

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

You have to watch this again when you're's hilarious.

The attendant called his dog after gennaro (gattuso) because he's someone that gets mad, etc.

After he comes back out - Gattuso asks the new to call this attendant from before - and the guy on duty says, I don't have the number, how can I have the number? What, do you have the number of the captain of the Rome team?

I'll stick my lollipop in your butt if you want to come down. (to the guy on the balcony)

Then the other couple came and started to give him problems for "treating a dog badly like this" and threatened to file a report on him. And then she asks what's the dog's name....hahah.

I have to laugh at the stupid shirt with the heart :)

The attendant maintains that he was "giving an additional service" and "doing him a favor." ahahha.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

giulia - I have seen the Totti clip. Did he have to sign a release form? Priceless.

sara - I figured out the lollipop comment from the hand gesture and the word "culo". haha

I also thought the shirt was hilarious. He was wearing a shirt with a heart on it as he was getting ready to kick the attendant's butt.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I think we had these same arguments in my neighborhood growing up...

I wish I understood the language! I got about 3 words.