Thursday, November 01, 2007

Half a million people, crazy outfits, disco and helicopters.

There are a bunch of news helicopters hovering over my apartment. I hope they are not there all night. Santa Monica Boulevard has been shut down to car traffic. Three radio stations have booths set up along the Boulevard and folks are dancing.

The big outfit this year, like every year, is anything that will show off a six-pack and a tight butt. I saw many very fit men but they were all gay. I did see one man dressed like Britney at the VMAs. He had two boy dolls on a chain and was dragging them on the pavement. There were several Posh and Becks couples, one was straight the others were not.

No comment.

I have no idea why the photo is this way. It was correct in iPhotos. Snow White was having a great time.

I thought this group was very creative. They had a car and everything.

This man's outfit was scary. It looked so real, especially that crazy thing below his waist.

I believe Batman used to wear more clothes.


Roam2Rome said...

Oh boy! Well, sounds like you had a good Halloween! :)

Giulia said...

WOW, in a morbid way, naked man with accentuated body parts is kind of a turn on! His veins scare me most though. Yes, I enlarged the photo. How could I not?!;)
Great pics, thanks for sharing!

chris & erin said...

wow! you had a much more exciting Halloween night than we did! How fun! Are those soldiers really tall or is that lady really small?

Liz said...

That one costume was CRAZY! LOL!. Those gladiators/trojans or whatever they were...wowzer, muscles!!!

Glad you had a good time!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

roam2rome - some of the outfits were just outrageous.

giula - haha no you didn't enlarge the photo. I will say naked man had a nice body but his outfit was just too scary.

chris&erin - the soldiers had on stacked boots and the lady was really petite.

liz - I don't think the gladiators (which was the most popular costume) play on my team but I can appreciate the muscles. :)

sognatrice said...


Safe to say that this will never happen in southern Italy? ;)

Awesome photos; thanks for sharing!

J.Doe said...

Tour comment about how you believe batman wore more clothes cracked me up.
I believe he did too.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sognatrice - Ha, I guess not especially the two gladiators. I saw the series ROME. I know they wore more clothes than that in public.

j. doe- When I saw Batman, I had to take his photo. He was actually modest compared to some other get ups.

Anonymous said...

Love it, Halloween LA style!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Thanks so much for posting these pics! I always wanted to see what this was like, given that I grew up in sheltered NYC...

Janet said...

Those photos are terrific -- thanks so much for sharing! Reminds me of the Halloween parades in the West Village in NYC.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

confession, jen and janet - glad you enjoyed the pics!