Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thinking like a guy

I don't think women need to act like men in order to do well in business. However, Hollywood is a boys town and sometimes you have to play by their rules to get anything done.

I have a big meeting with my boss today at his house. We are going over the entire slate of projects. We also have to discuss what my role will be on one of the projects that might be going into production this year.

I had a long conversation with his producing partners and they are supportive. My friend, a female producer at another company, gave me some great advice. Instead of going into the meeting thinking I need to prove that I belong at the big boy's table, I am going to be like my male peers and act like I am already at the table. A man with the same title and experience as me wouldn't even question whether he would be a producer on the movie.

What I don't know I will figure out or ask someone who does. My male peers have such a sense of entitlement which is one reason they move up quicker from D-Boy (development exec) to producer. They don't worry about silly things like experience or proving themselves. They know their powerful friends or mentors will help them out.

We'll see how the meeting goes.


sognatrice said...

A very smart man once told me to act like you belong and you will. Yeah, I agree seem to be naturals at that sort of thing. In bocca al lupo!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

This sounds like a great way to handle things. I don't think that a woman has to become "hard" and tough in order to be successful. I think that you earn respect by showing your competence, grace under pressure, and self-assurance. After having met you I have no doubt that you possess all of these characteristics, and I have a good feeling that your meeting went well. Let us know!

gibber said...

nice girls don't get the corner office. this book is so true. if you act like you belong, you do, just like sognatrice said.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks for the good wishes!

J.Doe said...

I agree with all the commenter. Act like you belong, and you will.