Friday, March 16, 2007

I survived the ShoWest dinner

I'm back from Vegas. I won, then lost $80 playing at the roulet table.

My boss and I had lunch at the Border Grill. I feel to peer pressure and had a mojito. I was pretty much flying the rest of the afternoon. I don't think you are supposed to drink after taking Sudifed.

It was good to spend time with my boss outside the office, although yesterday was a rough day. It should have been an exciting day because of some great news we received about one of our projects. However, a producer on another one of our projects has lost their damn minds over some Hollyood nonsense.

After gambling a bit, I showered and changed for the dinner. We met up with our agents and went to the ceremony. I enjoyed seeing the clips from upcoming summer movies. I'm not sure about Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS. I thought the toys kicked ass back in the day but do I really want to see a movie about them? I'm just saying.

One thing that shocked me was brothers saying "hello/good morning" smiling,etc. Stop the presses. At first I was so thrown off I forgot to reply. The other shocking thing was all the stripper-type outfits on women from ages 15 - 60. Stripper wear is fine...for strippers. If you are in high school or a grandma, come on. LOL


sognatrice said...

You are so right on the stripper clothes. So very, very right. Thanks for making me laugh this morning :)

J.Doe said...

I don't have a daughter, but if I did I would be appalled if my child wore the stripper type clothes.
I don't understand why guys saying good morning and smiling would shock you though.
Too bad about the $80.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

You're so funny. I can just hear you saying all this. I'm so glad that we met when you were in town.

Anyhoo, sounds like you had fun. But yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you: Vegas is a trip.

I was on Via del Corso today buying a gift and I FELT like I was on the Strip. You got out of here just in time. The tourist invasion has arrived!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Sognatrice - My boss and I were stunned by some of the "outfits", esp. on the really young girls.

J. doe - It was shocking because in L.A. I am invisible. Men hardly notice or speak to me here.

Shelley - I'm glad we met as well!

I was telling a friend that I thought Rome was pretty crowded when I was there and that was during the off season. I was looking at magazines at the airport the other day and it seemed every other celebrity was in Rome recently. I have a feeling this upcoming high season will be a record breaker, despite the low dollar.