Monday, March 26, 2007

March Madness Final Four and a very difficult choice

I cannot believe it. I am going to root for Georgetown. Georgetown hasn't won the big one since 1985 and they are the underdogs. I gotta support the Big East and I don't follow any of the other teams.

I would like to know where did the last few years go? How is it John Thompson's SON is coaching and Patrick Ewing's SON is playing with the Hoyas? I clearly remember screaming at the top of my lungs at the Carrier Dome "LET'S GO ORANGE" and that Patrick Ewing and the Hoyas (btw what the hell is Hoya?) sucked.

Now I have bunch of Georgetown alums in my life. I do not know how this happened. My attorney and several of my close friends went there for undergrad or law school. In order to maintain our friendship we do not discuss the Big East.

I love college basketball. Pro-ball I don't follow as much. I am not a Lakers fan and the Knicks broke my heart during 1994 NBA Finals in Houston. I will never forget Game 7, freaking John Starks shooting brick after brick in the last few minutes. ugh!


Ms. FoxyRoxy said...

Girl, I am so w/ you on Georgetown. I nearly ripped out my hair during lastnight's game against NC. Iverson is my fav player and I just remember watching him play during his time at Gtown. Big East babbbbbbbyyyyyy!

sognatrice said...

Well, as I'm a UNC-disliker (hate is such a strong word), I'm going to have to go with the team that made me smile.

So it's Georgetown (and their younger versions of people I actually remember playing) for me as well :)

gibber said...

I actually rooted against my ACC brothern and rooted for GTown. It's hard not to get swept up in the madness living in Gtown and having a boss who is a law prof at Gtown, it permeates the office too.

Bracket be damned, go Hoyas!

hoy·a (hoi)
Any of several evergreen climbing vines or shrubs of the genus Hoya, with a home range from India and southern China to Australia and having opposite, simple leaves and axillary, umbellate flower clusters. Also called porcelain flower, wax vine.

[New Latin Hoya, genus name, after Thomas Hoy (1750?-1822), British gardener.]

Janet said...

March Madness....sigh...i SO miss college basketball! I get to see a little bit of American sports here, but almost never college hoops. Keep me posted!

Sorry to tell you that I was one of those SO HAPPY when Houston beat the Knicks in that famous Game 7! Clyde Drexler is my favorite basketball player of all time, but I fell in love with him when he was playing for the U of Houston (which is where I got my degree, too). Hope you don't hate me TOO much!!!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Janet - LOL. I understand because you to Houston, so I won't hold it against you.

gibber - thanks for the definition, I still think it's a weird name for a team. It's worse than the Orangemen.

foxy and sognatrice - I will be keeping my fingers crossed during tomorrow's game.