Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some random observations during my Rome trip

Orange pants - Takes a confident man to rock pants that color.

The Burger King chicken strips ad - I don't know why but everytime the commerical came on I laughed my ass off. Something about the chickens speaking Italian cracked me up.

The Norbit ads - Even more offensive seeing them overseas. Enough with these types of movies. I am sick of sexist and/or closeted black men wearing fat suits to portray the worst stereotypes of black women.

People walking arm in arm - I saw men, women, kids, couples and a few grandkids with their grandparents walking arm in arm. I think it's sweet. One of my fondest memories is walking around Piazza S. Maria locking arms with my friend Giampiero.

The word "tesoro" - It means treasure and I heard it over and over again in Rome as friends said it to each other.

Not a single news report on Britney or Anna. I went to the supermarket in L.A. yesterday and that is when I found out Anna has been buried (finally) and K-Fed and Brit's mom have basically kept Brit away from her own kids. Poverina, good thing she is in rehab.

Hair issues - So when I move to Rome where will I get my hair done? Last year through a friend I met one black women who lived in Rome for a semester during college. She was in town visiting our friend and she told me she and her friends had to go to Milan for a touch up. I stopped relaxing (to make it straight) my hair a while ago but I still need to get hair cuts or what if I decide to twist it or press it? The few local black women I saw had bad wigs or jacked up hair.

Walking - It was nice to be back in a city where people walk. There is something very alienating about being in a car all the time.

Food - Not seen as a means to an end but something to be enjoyed. I don't know anyone in Rome doing the Zone, South Beach, Jenny Craig etc.

Waiters - They don't tell you about their recent auditions.

Sex in the city - I was there during the winter and Rome was still sexy.


Kali said...

Just catching up on all your Rome posts. What a great trip you had!

My friend who lives in Treviso calls me "tesoro", and I love it.

*sigh* I wish our country had more Italian traits. Then again, I suppose that's part of what makes Italy so appealing to me - it's full of special "stuff" that I only get to experience when I'm there.

J.Doe said...

Welcome back.

sognatrice said...

So many good observations, but I just had to say that I'm definitely with you on the orange pants...now did you take some of that Italian sexy back to LA or what?

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Don't worry, girl, when you get over here we will find someone for you in Rome. I am convinced that I have found THE best hairstylist in the city, and if he doesn't know how to do your hair, I am sure he will know someone who will... non ti preoccupare! Wish you were here to hang out more often...so I'm waiting for you to do your book tour and get back over here! :-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

kali - the trip was fantastic. I look forward to reading about your next trip to the bel paese.

j. doe - grazie, I would say I'm glad to be back but that would by lying. :)

sognatrice - LOL. Unlessjet lag is sexy, the answer to your question is no.

Shelley - Thanks for the help. You know these things are very, very, important :). Believe me I wish I was there as well.

Marlon James said...

This is the funniest blog. ever.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Marlon - Thank you. I like your blog as well.