Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yet another Jen cover, is she going to be on the cover of Essence next?

Walked by the newstand near the office. Can't wait to get my Elle Decor and Domino magazines. Then I saw something that ruined my happy magazine moment.

Jen Aniston is on the cover of Vogue. The headline says "Don't feel sorry for me". She has no control over the tabloids but the mainstream magazines, enough already.

I'm annoyed I have to see her overexposed mug in my mailbox. Ms. Wintour, I am very disappointed. Please Jen, go volunteer, take a vacation or something. We need a break.

However, I was excited to receive my Jan/Feb issue of Italian Elle Decor in the mail. It takes forever to get here but it's worth it. Plus there are no articles about Jen, Britney or Paris.


Tracie B. said...

speaking of ms. wintour, did you ever read "the devil wears prada?"

i heard meryl streep has been cast as the boss, but i always pictured julianne moore...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Yes, I read the book and an earlier version of the script. Curious to see how the movie turned out. Heard Meryl enjoyed playing the boss from hell.

The screenwriters had a hard time getting the right tone and giving the characters more depth. I did not like the book but I get why Fox bought the it and why it was so popular.

gibber said...

i liked the book - good fluffy chick lit! i'm curious to see how the movie turns out. didn't picture anne hathaway in the role.

as for jen - i sat 4 seats away from her in aspen last week at the swingers thing. she's ok looking, but really, i don't get the big deal or fascination with her. she wasn't the funniest "Friend" and her movies have all pretty much sucked. So, there you have it.