Sunday, March 26, 2006

An Italian dinner

Last night one of my friends from class had us over for dinner and a movie. The four of us (well really three of us, one of my friends speaks very well) ended up speaking a combo of Italian and English. We saw the movie The Nanny. A little slow but interesting.

The food was so good. Fe is an amazing cook. Robin brought wine from Italy and Jane brought limoncello from Sorrento. Jane is leaving for Florence in a couple of weeks.

Why is it so hard to find dresses that fit? Yesterday I looked everywhere for a wrap dress that doesn't show everything on top. Tried DVF's. Great cut but no dice on top and to wear a camisole underneath would look awful. Maybe I should try petites and go up a size.

Thanks to my hairdresser being over a half-hour late the other day, I was able to get a chunk of reading done. Now I don't have to stress out today. I will read more this afternoon. First I must see Inside Man. Denzel and Clive in the same movie? It might be too much to handle but I must be strong.


gibber said...

Saw inside man last night. let's discuss once you see it.

Tracie B. said...

good luck finding a's almost a worse endeavor than finding jeans!