Thursday, March 30, 2006

car accident

Didn't I just say yesterday that people cannot drive in LA? Clearly some can't even open car doors. I was driving to my lunch meeting and this guy opened his door as I was driving by him. Now he can't close his door and my passenger side is jacked up. Great.

He said he didn't see me. Maybe I'm crazy but before I open my car door, I look in my rear-view and side view mirrors. How could he not see me? We were in the middle of the block. It's not like I was coming out of a driveway or something.

Ugh!! Just what I needed. My insurance company is sending someone to look at the car in the next two days. I wonder how much this is going to cost. The exec I was having lunch with thought I was handling it well. I can't get upset. It's just one more stupid thing to deal with. I told him maybe it's a sign from God that I need to move back to a city where I don't need a car.


Tracie B. said...

surely you don't havet to pay, right?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Well Tracie B. it's getting ugly. The driver was using his mom's car and is not on her policy. He wants us to pay for our own damages since "both of us are at fault".

I am going to let the insurance companies duke it out. My car needs almost $2000 worth of repairs. Why would I pay for this when I'm not the moron who opened their door without looking.

I'm just trying to be zen about the whole thing and focus on my upcoming trip.

Tracie B. said...

Are you serious?? don't let that creep get away with that! check out the law to be sure, but i can't imagine that you would have any fault in this...he just doesn't want to pay for his mommy's car.

i think being zen is one thing, but allowing someone to "mettere in culo" is quite another.


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

First of all, that sucks about your car accident...I hope things work out. Also, your trip is getting closer, you must be getting excited!!

Don't use "Che mi raccomanda oggi" because raccomandare is actually used to warn often hear some old lady saying to her son..."Mi raccomanda!" which means, "Be careful" or "I'm warning you"

You're better to use consigliare (recommend) or suggerire (for suggest)!! :) (Che cosa mi suggerisca?)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Stronzo indeed.

Grazie Sara.

Tracie B. said...

those reflexives really get to me. how can you raccomadare yourself? and to say i trust you, you have to say i trust myself of you.

some things just have to be accepted. non c'e' niente da fare...