Thursday, March 09, 2006

Some random thoughts

Why is that girl from Laguna Beach on the cover of US? Why does she have her own show?

I love the Mary J. Blige single. Should I get the CD?

Why is Italian grammar "molto difficile"? I think there are over 20 verb tenses. I know 8. I am so frustrated by the grammar, I'm forgetting basic things. In class the other day, I was reading an article outloud and forgot how to say the number 15. I felt "molto stupido".

Why is a 46 year old man walking around wearing a big ass clock around his neck that doesn't run? I'm not mad at Miss New York's mom, I wondered the same thing my damn self.

This "Laffy Taffy" payola scandal is beyond deep. At least that explains why this horrific song got on the air.

Not sure about the interpetive dance number during the "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" Oscar performance. I guess it was better than Rob Lowe singing to Snow White. Maybe not.

Will I ever go out on a date again? Am I destined to live the rest of my life without romance or passion? This is an outrage. I am going to be proactive "ala Miranda" and say I'm on strike until conditions improve. This way the celibacy thing is not somthing that is just happening to me. I refuse to be a passive victim. Therefore, as of today I am taking control of my pathetic situation dammit!!


Tracie B. said...

oh laffy taffy! was there a scandal?? being here in italy, i haven't heard a thing about it.

a shame, such a profoundly meaningful song...

Tracie B. said...

hey, you linked to my blog!! thanks :) i'll return the favor domani. i like your blog--i'd like to know more!!

but why ya gotta talk shit about flav?

oh, god, you know i'm kidding. i just had a horrible flashback of him with 2 pigtail buns kissin' dirty with some girl in a hot tub. gross...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracie b. the Attorney general of NY used the laffy taffy song for an undercover investigation in payola. According to the charges, many dj's/program directors took money to add the song to their playlists. Of course this is illegal. This investigation has been going on for a couple of years and a couple of the big record labels have already paid millions of dollars in fine.

Regarding Mr. Flav. Flavor of Love is the highest rated show in the history of VHI. The VHI execs told the producer they want another season.

gibber said...

Laguna beach. Unbelievable. This chick is famous! What the hell is wrong with the world we live in?

I dunno about getting Mary's full CD. I've heard there are only a few good songs on there.