Wednesday, December 08, 2010

"The Sky Isn't Visible From Here", by Felicia C. Sullivan. "Freedom", by Jonathan Franzen

I received this book as a gift (thanks Susan!) for my birthday. It's excellent. I was completely invested in Patty and Walter's story, despite the fact that Patty was annoying as hell. Seriously, I thought she was one of most unlikable protagonists I've come across in a while. Walter had his issues too.

The way Franzen writes about marriage, love and family is incredible. I felt like I knew these people. He has a way of getting under the surface of what is going on in American society. If you enjoyed THE CORRECTIONS, I recommend FREEDOM.

I have linked to Felicia's fab BLOG in the past.

We met in Rome through a mutual friend in NYC when Felicia was on vacation. Reading her memoir was kind of strange because I had a hard understanding the amazing, together person I met had experienced such horrible things. How was she able to overcome them?

The book is beautifully written. Felicia's memoir talks about her difficult childhood with her drug addicted mother. After she graduated from college, her mother disappeared and she didn't hear from her for over twelve years.

I'm always drawn to stories that deal with identity. How we seen ourselves, how others see us. Growing up in a tough section of Brooklyn back in the 80s, Felicia didn't know where she fit in. Then at college with the rich kids, she had to try on yet another different skin. It's a fascinating book.


mental mosaic said...

I've been wanting to find some new authors lately. Thanks for the recommendations. I'd better write these down now, though, or I'll go blank at the bookstore.

I'll definitely check out Felicia. I love memoirs.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

mental mosaic - I hope you enjoy the books!