Monday, December 20, 2010

A few holiday lights in Rome

I cannot believe Christmas is only five days away.


Moi said...

I love these photos. They make me feel like singing.

J.Doe said...

Those are pretty pictures.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Italy has come to me :-) Love the photos ..yep i cannot believe it either .. I have been prepared quite a while .. now just need to buy some food .. and off we go .. Have a wonderful Holiday!!

brittany said...

HI, I just stumbed upon your blog. I just moved to Rome last week for graduate school and I really don't know a soul besides the people in my program at La Sapienza... so basically no americans or expats.
I was reading through your posts (love the blog) and I thought perhaps you could offer advice about where to take Italian classes here in Rome... can you recommend any good language schools? Or any tips for newly relocated expats in rome? :)
Oh about me- I'm a 20-something girl, just moved here from NYC. I miss the big apple but Rome is magnificent so far.
PS -Love the holiday lights pics.
All the best,

WineGrrl said...

Is it just me or does the Vittorio Emanuele monument get whiter every time I see it? Pretty soon it will blind everyone who gazes upon it...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

moi - thanks E.

j.doe - grazie

anne - I haven't done anything this year. No cards, no decorations, nada. I was completely caught off guard. heh. Happy Holidays to you too.

brittany - Thanks for reading. Check out It's the Italian version of Adult Education. Classes are more reasonable than at the private schools. I've heard mixed things about all the big one (Dante, Da Vinci), it's a crap shoot. If you have a great professor, great, if not, it can be frustrating.

If you're on Facebook, there is a language exchange group that meets in a bar in Trastevere on Thursday. It's a mix of expats and Italians. I've never been but I think the crowd is mostly 20s & 30s.

It's very easy to meet expats here. In fact I've met several who barely speak Italian because they only hang out with American expats. After the holidays you can check the English Yellow Pages, the American Club in Rome, etc. they have mixers all the time. Those crowds might be a little older.

There's also the American Academy in Rome. They have many events. You can joined their Friends of the Academy.

Good luck at La Sapienza.

winegrrl - It really is blinding. I wonder where the marble came from?

dorinalouise said...

it's so nice to see some holiday lights in rome. so beautiful!

Simone said...

Happy Holidays My Friend! Enjoy the quiet and make sure you have cheer :)

Moi said...

Did you join the Friends of Academy?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

dorina - yes they are beautiful even in the rain.

simone - and to you!!

moi - nope. not yet.