Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday - Nat King Cole "The Christmas Song"

I wasn't feeling very Christmasy until two seconds ago. I won't be seeing my family this year.

While for some Americans, Thanksgiving is the big family holiday, for us it's Christmas.

Yes, my mom cooked a big turkey with all the sides, we watched football, etc. etc. but it's an American holiday not a Caribbean one.

My parents grew up celebrating Christmas. The Christmas season didn't start until my dad busted out his Nat King Cole and Mario Lanza (!) albums. There was a classical music one that I don't remember the name of. We added the Jackson 5 Christmas, Charlie Brown and a few others over the years.

When we lived in New York, we didn't have a chimney. I remember being very confused as to how Santa was able to get into our apartment. My dad said he came through the fire escape. Oh, okay.

The earliest Christmas morning memory I have, is running out into the living room, seeing the tree lit up, presents underneath, the smell of hot chocolate and Nat King Cole playing.

The holiday lights have gone up in Rome. There are Christmas apertivi, brunches and dinners to go to. No, I won't be in St. Martin this year but I'm pretty darn lucky to be in a beautiful city surrounded by amazing friends.

I finally felt ready for some Nat King Cole.

Have a great weekend.


erin said...

oh i KNOWWWWW! I feel the same about this song. We still have the actual record of it, and saved the record player just for this album. The scratchy sounds add to the memories. It's finally Christmas when i hear it :)

gibber said...

Yeah, I busted out the Christmas ipod mix after Thanksgiving. It starts with this album, then a charlie brown christmas, then swing into christmas, then the newly aquired ella christmas album (where has that been all my life!) and ending with mario lanza!

And for private listening, the always classic South Park Christmas album. "Mr Haaaanky the Christmas poo!" Such a wonderfully dirty album.

I'm really sad that we wont all be in SXM for Christmas, and I wish you could come out here...but if you're not in St. Martin, I'd say Christmas in Rome is pretty flippin awesome!

Next year, I'm going to SXM.

Kim B. said...

This is becoming a Christmas tradition for ME! Third year you put up Nat King Cole, and I think -- hey let's start with him and let the Christmas songs begin!

I haven't been feeling any Christmas-y either, wasn't even going to do my mini-"decorating" this year (not that that's much, we don't have room for a tree, nowhere to hang the stockings, etc. etc.) Basically I just change out the plates that are out and visible to red and white, put out the Christmas mugs. I wasn't even going to get my Christmas box out of storage. But last night I decided yes, and am waiting for the storage place to open up this morning so I can go retrieve it!

dorinalouise said...

merry merry christmas : )

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - my parents still have the record too. I agree there is something special about listening to it on vinyl.

gibber - I'm going to check out the Ella Christmas. I'm bummed too but hopefully we'll all be together soon.

kim b - I don't even have a Christmas box! I do have a Christmas dish towel from Crate and Barrel. That will have to do for this year. Next year will be different.

dorinalouise - And to you.