Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Social of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

I had a chance to see it when I was in L.A. (it opens in Italy next week).

I read the script earlier this year and understood why so many people in my industry loved it.

There is some backlash. Some folks think Aaron Sorkin is overrated and the movie is sexist.

The movie is based on a non-fiction book and court documents. Aaron defended himself against the sexism charges. As for him being overrated, when other writers say that, I chalk it up to pure hateration. Really.

The man broke almost every rule Hollywood is shoving down our throats when it comes to writing a script.

There's voiceover, flashbacks, an unlikable protagonist and the movie open with a long scene full of quick dialogue between two people sitting at a table. This script is fucking brilliant.

In a climate where the majority of movies are geared to teen boys with ADD, I walked out of the theater moved and inspired.

Aaron (a fellow Syracuse University Alum) should win the Oscar for best Adapted Screenplay.

It's a drama but like The SOPRANOS there were many laugh out loud moments. I will see the movie on the big screen again and buy the DVD.

This is not a movie about Facebook. It's so much bigger than that and very timely.

Andrew Garfield, Rooney Mara and Armie Hammer (in his first major movie role) were stand outs in a movie filled with excellent acting. Jessie Eisenberg...fantastic. There were several times I wanted to punch his smug face in. Other times I felt bad for him because he was so delusional about basic human interaction. I think people can stop comparing him to Michael Cera now.

Fincher proves again why he's one of the most interesting directors of his generation.

I'm glad Amy Pascal (the Chairman of Sony Pictures) took a risk and greenlit this movie.


erin said... have me intrigued :) I definitely want to see it now for sure!

gibber said...

Yeah, Haters To The Left on this one. I love me some Sorkin (American President, FTW!), and I thought the acting was all top notch. Sure I walked in knowing the story, but the way it was told was just amazing. I was anxious, waiting to see not just what happened next, but WHY.

I think Jesse's comparisons to Michael Sera are most unfortunately. Sera could NEVER play this role with the same amount of...passion, I guess is the word.

And poor Eduardo. I felt SO bad for him. But he really had some funny lines. Andrew Garfield is adorable and talented.

And HELLO Armie Hammer. I remember you from Gossip Girl. You got even better looking. And he played the hell out of that role.

Best movie I've seen all year for sure.

milanese masala said...

Just read a Vanity Fair article about it and would really like to see it. And how was Mr. Timberlake's performance?

S. said...

I thought it was a fictionalized account of what happened at Facebook. They added in a lot of stuff that wasn't true. I was excited to see it but then I read that a lot of what is in the movie didn't really happen. I have heard really good reviews about it though. It will probably get an Oscar

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - let me know what you think.

gibber - Did you see ADVENTURELAND. Jessie was excellent in that as well. I think he has a lot more range than Michael. I think Mr. Hammer is going to be a star. Talented, fione and actually over 5'10 (most male stars are short)? Hello.

mm - I thought he held his own against a very strong cast but some other friends did not like his performance. They asked if his character was supposed to be gay. I don't know.

s. - It's not a documentary. It's fiction. However, the court case was true. The whole reason for the case was the main characters fighting about what really did happen at the beginning. And they are still fighting. The twins filed another lawsuit.

gibber said...

I saw adventureland AND zombieland. He has a funny line in ZL about how the best part about ZL was no facebook. Ha! I think he's really talented.

I hope Mr. Hammer has some more projects lined up. The screen needs to be blessed with his presence!

Kim B. said...

I wasn't interested in this film at all, but your assessment has me wanting to see it! HOpefully they're playing the v.o. (voix originale) here . . .

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - I hope so too. :)

kim b - this is one movie I would not want to hear/see dubbed.