Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Annette Bening is "brave" to show her wrinkles in The Kids Are All Right?

I kept hearing this over and over again. Imagine my surprise when I finally saw the movie. She looks like a women in her early 50s! What is all this talk about "bravery"?

Annette is a successful doctor in the movie. If she were Botoxed like crazy, it would have taken me out of the movie. It's a 4 million dollar indie flim. Why the heck would she need to look like a middle-aged lady trying to look 25?

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. Annette and Julianne were outstanding as was Mark Ruffalo. There are some very funny moments.

Can I talk about Mark for a minute? He is sooooo sexy. Ever since I saw him in the film "You Can Count On Me", I've thought he's an excellent actor and the hotness as well. Good looking stars who can't act don't work for me on the big screen. I get bored and annoyed.

There is Oscar buzz for both actresses. Will they cancel each other out in the Best Actress category? I feel Focus Films had no choice but to push for both in that category. I don't think Julianne's role belongs in Best Supporting Actress.

The movie is controversial.


Some lesbians have a real issue with the Paul/Jules relationship. I'm not gay so maybe I missed something. From the beginning of the movie it was clear there were cracks in Jules and Nic's relationship. Paul just happened to be there and was attentive. I didn't think it was a contrived plot point.

I would love to hear your opinion if you saw the movie.


Rose in Cali said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Mark Ruffalo! Did you see him in that movie he did with Meg Ryan a while back? Hotttttt.

CJ said...

I loved the idea of the movie, but I didn't love the ending...guess I am used to the Hollywood/pat and neatly tidied movie ending (even though I am struggling with this on the screenplay I'm currently writing).

I do agree that mark ruffalo has gotten better with age and he is a very good actor, but Julianne Moore and Annette benning both seemed to over-act in this film.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

rose - yes, I have seen IN THE CUT. Hot is an understatement. ha

CJ - I found the ending abrupt the first time I saw the movie but now I feel it makes sense. It was important for the family to come together and not as important to resolve Paul's relationship with/to them. I assume Joni taking his hat to college means at some point in the future they will reconnect.

CJ said...

True. The film reminded me of what I love about european movies - it seemed fairly realistic. And although I know european women are also on the quest for eternal youth, I don't think most are obsessed w/looking 25(while teenagers & 25 year olds are obsessed w/cougars).

Anyway, anette benning looks way younger than her actual age...and I loved seeing her wrinkles - people sometimes forget that if you don't grow old, it means you died young.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

CJ - ha. Yes it's very true people forget that.

While I do see some bad plastic surgery here, it's rare enough that it stands out. In L.A. I was so used to seeing older women without ANY wrinkles that in Rome it was jarring, at first, to see a 40 + woman with actually lines in her face.

Notice all the European actresses who continue to work in Europe like Charlotte Rampling.