Thursday, October 21, 2010

"WTF. Are you aging backwards?!"

A producer asked me that question. I feel like Benjamin Button.

Here are some more quotes from my L.A. trip:

"If you move back to L.A. I will kick your ass."

"Why do you look younger?" Studio executive.
"Because she moved out of this crazy ass city," Agent.

"You haven't aged at all."

"How is it possible you've lost weight eating pasta?"

"Are you dating?"

"Who are you dating?"

"Do you have a hot lover?"

"What's up with the sexy times?"

"I like your hair. You found a hairdresser in Rome who knows how to cut black hair?"

"Do you speak Italian?"

"Tell me what do you do everyday." (I heard that one a lot)

"Do you miss L.A.?"

"What do you eat?"

"Are you in love...what's his name?"

"How do Italian women wear high heels on cobble stone streets?"

"You're glowing."

"I hate you."


m said...

How DO Italian women wear heels on cobblestone streets?? I've always wondered...

By the way, you are my hero for having upped and moved to Rome to escape the insanity...I can only hope to one day be like you when I grow up.

seekinglaughter said...

I just came across your blog, and really enjoy your perspective on Rome, and just up and leaving the U.S. period.

I am looking to move to Italy after I graduate, hopefully in two years.

coco cooks said...


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Hee hee hee...LOVE :)

Scintilla said...

Love it that they are all so jealous :)

Sonia said...

hahahaha......Don't cha just love it!?!?! So, don't listen to that crazy person who said you have to move back to L.A. to make your career happen. Stay here with us!

Petulia said...

that's right! We live better, we look better:-) and we can walk on cobblestone with heels. Arlene, ti dobbiamo dare la cittadinanza onoraria!

gibber said...

Ahahahahaha! This made me laugh out loud! Did our cousin ask the question about the sexy times? That sounds like something he would say!

See, you shouldn't move back!

Rose in Cali said...

I love this! Tell them that happiness is not something you can buy in a bottle or pay for in a surgical ward! Brava, Ragazza!

Kim B. said...

Awesome!! and ditto what all your other regular commenters said! Love it!!

David said...

Oh yeah , I lost a lot of weight too when I was living in Rome . 30 lbs ! yikes, people keep telling me the same thing also, however I've gained it all back ! it's the junk food ! :-(
and the no walking !

GGirl2 said...

Truly a testament to your decision to move from the rat race of LA/The US being the best for you.

You had better not move back!!!!


Linda said...

"If you move back to L.A. I will kick your ass."

My exact sentiments when I read your other post.

Take that with all the love and admiration a blog reader that's rooting for your success can muster:)


Anonymous said...

If those comments alone don't make you realize its best to stay the hell out of LA then I don't know what else will.

Ms. V.

erin said...

haha!!! I love this! so sad to have missed you the other day in Rome...but so glad to have seen you a few weeks earlier :)

Moi said...

I second Ms V's comments

J.Doe said...

It looks like only one person wants you to move back to LA versus how many hundreds of people who don't?
Of course it's ultimately your decision what to do with your life but remember why you moved to Rome and away from LA in the first place.

Tanisha said...


I hear half of those on a daily basis from friends as well. esp. "you're glowing" and "i hate you" haha..LOVE

Scooteroma said...

LOL veramente Arlene. Bentornata.

Marie said...

hahhahaaa i have heard all of them too