Thursday, October 28, 2010

Run, don't walk to Beppe E I Suoi Formaggi

Katie Parla wrote about this new cheese shop in the Jewish Ghetto.

Then Erica mentioned she had stopped by the store as well.

This store is going to be a problem.

I went there today to buy some robiola. The co-owner Francesco was so friendly. Next thing I know, I walked out with brie, the robiola, some kind of tartufo (truffles) cheese, a skinny long link of sausage and a bottle of Dolcetto d'Abla from the Piemonte region.

The store is not quite finished yet, photos still need to be hung, but if you like or love cheese (or wine from Piemonte or France) it a must.

The prices are moderate but the quality is very, very high. I spent 25 euros more than what I had intended to spend. I kind of wish I didn't know about this store. Katie Parla, I'm salty with you!

Her post (see link above) has photos. Do not read if you're hungry.


dorina said...

oh i'm drooling . . sounds like my kind of store!

erin said...

oh my!!! I would LIVE there. I just had robiola for the first time my last week in Florence. LOVE it. Also, the truffle cheese??? wha?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

dorina - it's truly amazing.

erin - I tried it for the first time recently as well. It's so good.

Anonymous said...

Warning! The owner of this place and his colleagues are horrible, and mistreated us for taking a photograph on the street outside his shop. We were photographing a person beside the shop, when he told us very rudely not to photograph his window (which we were not doing and which, by the way, is not illegal as we were in the street). He said this in an incredibly rude way and when we asked him to be more polite, he shouted that we were hysterical and started to curse at us. It may be that the cheeses look good, but this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

anon - I know they have a sign in the window that makes it clear no photos but I can't imagine Francesco or Beppe running out into the street and cursing at strangers. Sorry you had that experience. They have been nothing but amazing to friends who go to the shop and my friends who have taken clients on food tastings there.