Monday, October 04, 2010

Fatamorgana Gelateria in Prati...I DIE!

Yes, I had to channel Rachel Zoe. It's that good.

Last week my friend Annie, concerned about my mental health, picked me up on her scooter and we went to try out the gelateria several friends have raved about.

I had an hour or so before a conference call with my manager regarding the latest draft of my spec. It felt good to actually leave my apartment.

It's funny that my favorite gelato places in Rome are all in Prati. So despite living within walking distance of the San Crispino by the Pantheon, I find myself in super residential Prati (not close to my house at all) eating gelato.

Fatamorgana is outstanding. It's fresh, made without preservatives and some of their flavors are very creative.

It was so delicious, Annie had to get two cones. The prices are cheaper than what you pay in the Center.

I didn't try the infamous Kentucky flavor as I'm more of a fruit person.

I will be back. It's located two blocks from the Trionfale Market and worth the schlep.

Via G. Bettolo, 7 (Prati)

I was overwhelmed by the choices. I went with one scoop of cherry and one scoop of blueberry cheesecake. Outstanding. I returned later in the week and had the vanilla with caramel. So freaking good.

Annie with her first cone. She had the Greek yogurt with Cacao. I'm going to get that next time if they have it.


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Fatamorgana, and am also thankful neither store is anyway near us. Unfortunately I just discovered a new place, too near us: Il Gelato! It's on Viale Aventino, just past FAO. Fantastic. Also...they have about 8 kinds of chocolate, and peanut butter. So, yes, you can make your own frozen Reeses.

Simone said...

Despite the chill settling over NY I am craving Gelato, especially after having some baba au rhum flavored Gelato at the San Gen this post makes me want it even more..tyvm!! lol

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Elizabeth - Of course now I have to check out that place....frozen Reese?!

Simone - Personally I feel it's never too cold for gelato. I rarely ate it in L.A. but here? For awhile I was eating gelato once a day. I finally calmed down.

Anonymous said...

It's good to have friends who understand the healing power of gelato. That and wine. Oh, do they have wine flavored gelato?? Prosecco would be especially good.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sm - yes, I have seen wine flavored gelato. Prosecco flavored with some kind of fruit (pears, peaches, raspberries) is very popular.