Friday, April 09, 2010

Flashback Friday - Winona Ryder - Girl Interrupted Trailer

Winona has joined the cast of a Vince Vaughn/Kevin James comedy. The town (Hollywood) is saying it's her comeback.

Shoplifting issues aside, I wondered what happened to her career. One casting director said now that Winona is starting to actually look a little older, it will be easier to cast her. Winona is in her late 30s but for the longest time looked like she was still in college. You couldn't cast her in the same dramatic roles as her peers and she wasn't really known for comedy.

I had to think for a while, what was the last memorable movie for her. I remember going to screening of "Girl Interrupted". The minute Angelina Jolie's character showed up, Winona was done. Angelina blew her off screen. As it was an industry screening everyone was talking how Winona was the star of the movie but you completely forgot about her. Not a good sign.

Then the shoplifting thing happened, along with some poor films choices and Winona was off the radar.

I'm curious to see what she will do with this new role and where her career goes from here.

I thought the trailer below was too lighthearted for a pretty intense movie.

Have a great weekend.


Simone said...

I wonder if there is a way to transition from the ingenue to a "woman of the world" without suddenly arriving? Are there roles that allow this? It seems most in-the-news actresses aren't allowed to "mature" gracefully. Instead their 20-30something images are polished and shined so that they can compete with true 20-30somethings and it is only when they can no longer uphold illusion that VOILA! they are their "true" age. Then "what"?

Viajera said...

Yeah, talk about poor choices. For me, her decline was evident when she starred in that stinker with Richard Gere. Can't remember the film title, but she was dying from cancer or something and they were in love and woe is me, what to do, why didn't you tell me... Then Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron did a movie with the same plot, I think. Another stinker.

She DOES have a pretty ageless face, eh? And you're right: Once Angelina told Whoopi, "Come any closer and I'll jam this into my aorta" while holding a needle or something to her jugular, Winona was done. Showbiz is so cruel. :)

WineGrrl said...

She played Spock's mama, Amanda, in the Star Trek movie that came out last year....Looking "young" didn't seem to hurt Julia Roberts that much even though she has also done her share of questionable roles.

Tracie P. said...

what a fickle industry...brutal!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

simone - it's a hard transition from child actress to adult actress. For every Jodie Foster there are many Lindsey Lohans.

viajera - I remember that movie. Autumn in New York. It was terrible!
That was a great scene in Girl Interrupted. I cracked up.

winegrrl - True Julia has had her share of questionable roles but she never looked like a teenager while she was in her twenties or thirties. Winona had a very young physicality.

tracie p - yes it is.