Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lo Shopping: Amazon.com France is the bomb!

Last week I decided to order some books from Amazon France's website.

Not sure if this is always the case but my order arrived very quickly and I didn't have to pay any wackadoo customs fees.

I have heard horror stories of expats here ordering from Amazon USA and having to pay fees that are more than the value of the books. Plus with the dollar so weak I would get killed with the exchange rate. At least now it's a Euro to Euro transaction.

So despite my shaky French skills, I will continue to buy my English language books from France instead of the U.S. Not sure if all the English language books on my Wishlist are available but at least several are.

I'm so excited.


charlie said...

Just so that you know, I use the Book Depository (co.uk) which offers free worldwide shipping..

joanne at frutto della passione said...

I always order from Amazon UK and things arrive quickly and no customs fees.

Caro said...

Yeah I always use amazon.co.uk. You only get hit for customs if stuff arrives from outside the EU.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ciao tutti,

I looked at UK book sites but with the Pound being stronger than the Euro and much stronger than the dollar I ordered from France instead.

Thanks for the info about custom fees. Woot!

Context Travel said...

Good to know. Ordering from abroad is always such a gamble. I ordered a 7 euro ring from an Etsy seller and the fees to pay on delivery were 40 euros! I will definitely check out Amazon France.

nine said...

I've had a couple of bad surprises with Amazon dot fr (books damaged during transport or because of "fast" wrapping), but all in all I like their service and they deserve a good rating. Even if you have to return stuff (which I did) everything is well organised.
The French site of fnac dot com offers similar standards too.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Context Travel - You are kidding! I don't understand the fees at all. Aren't they supposed to be a percentage of the value of the item? How is it possible to pay 40 euros for a ring that cost 7?

nine - merci for the information.

Moi said...

Guess what? My package arrived when we were having tea and it was the first time i didn't have to pay any extra charges!! Hurrah!!! Minor shipping victory ;0

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

moi - compliementi...it's a great feeling isn't it. ha