Thursday, February 18, 2010

Congrats to Tracie P (nee B)

Tracie (writer of the blog My Life Italian) was one of the first American expats I met. I was still living in L.A. and she was in Naples and Ischia.

During one of my trips Rome I went down to Naples for the day. We spent such a long time talking over lunch, the waiter actually brought us the bill. I think we were in the restaurant for over three hours. ha

Tracie recently got married. She and her husband Jeremy were in Italy for their honeymoon.

It's so funny how life works. Tracie studied wine here in Italy. She moved back to America and meet another American, who was living in a different state, he works in the same field, speaks Italian fluently (has a PhD in Italian) and travels to Italy often.

I know I have been down with love lately but seeing the two of them together warmed my cold, cynical heart.

Tracie has posted a link on her BLOG to her wedding photos.

Auguri Tracie and Jeremy!


gibber said...

Beautiful! Her dad is so cute too. And what a pretty dress!

Do Bianchi said...

thanks for the kind words and thoughts, nyc/carribbean ragazza! it was so great to connect with you in Rome... still thinking about that skin-contact Trebbiano... thanks again... jeremy

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber - I agree. I love her dress and how pretty is that cake?

do bianchi - prego!!!

Tracie P. said...

nyc!! how did i not see this? could it be that i'm working 11 hours a day and can barely keep up with work email let alone all of my blog friends?

hhaah. thanks arlene, such a sweet post! pls excuse my terrible manners and blame it on newlywedded-ness :) it was so great to see you, i've been meaning to post a pic of us, will do soon :)

Tracie P. said...

gibber--thank you! my friend jenn and her husband are such great photogs!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

tracie p - no need to apologize at all. You are so welcome.

I tried to publish your thank you to gibber but Blogger won't let me so I will tell her...

gibber, tracie says Thank You! Her friends Jenn and her husband are great photographers.