Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"If Madonna can still bust a move at 51, I can make through this class."

I was thinking that last night.

Our Capoeira instructor has returned to Brazil for the holidays. He will be gone for a few months.

My friend who told me about the class, was our new instructor. He's been studying for a while.

Unlike our other classes, we did a pretty hard core warm up. My poor arms. Then I thought about Madonna.

Okay, I do realize it's her job. She has a personal trainer, a chef and has been a dancer for years. However, she did motivate me.

She looks great in the "Celebration" video. Love the Louboutin boots. I can't believe Lourdes is a teenager. She's in the video at the 3:16 doing the flip.

The video was directed by Jonas Akerlund. The way it's edited is very cool. I'm a big fan of Akerlund's work (Prodigy, U2, etc.) and love the videos he did for Madonna in the past including, "Ray of Light" and "Jump".

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that this woman is in her 50s. It seem like only yesterday I heard "Everybody" for the first time. Actually it wasn't yesterday. It was in 1983!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call "Jump" one of Madonna's best videos... even though the song is great: it is already a classic.
Jonas Akerlund has also directed the Confessions Tour's video.
Did you watch it?
That's a real masterpiece.

gibber said...

love this video and love this song!!

erin :: the olive notes said...

yep...she makes 51 look pretty good :) see her in the new D&G ads?

SDG said...

She looks good and has made some classic dance music.

mental mosaic said...

Thanks for pointing out Lourdes cameo. Wonder what it's like having Madonna as a mama? Madonna's fitness is quite an inspiration...

So - are you enjoying Capoeira overall?


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

anon - I haven't seen the Confessions video. I must check it out.

gibber - the song is great to work out too. I laugh when she says "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on." ha!

erin - yes! I like the ads.

sdg - I agree. Some of the remixes are outstanding as well.

mental mosaic - yes I'm enjoying Capoeira. It's fun to do something different and challenging (to me anyway).

I can't imagine having anyone that famous as a mom. But if it's all you've ever known maybe it doesn't seem strange?

Anonymous said...

Too much crotch grabbing for my taste. :-)
Madonna has made getting older sexy and she is slowing down at all. I can't imagine her becoming dowdy. My personal favourite is Tina Turner. She is sexy, beautiful and classy.

Btw, Lourdes has become quite a beautiful young lady with a lot of personal style like Mama.

Anonymous said...

oops, "she isn't slowing down!"

Los Angelista said...

Benny Benassi made this song so fab. Love this remix of it.

The thing I really love about the clip of Lola in the video is how Madonna is on the right side cheering her on. How cute!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ms. violetta - co-sign on Tina Turner. 60s and fab. Lourdes looks so much like her mom circa early '80s.

los angelista - I don't know Benny. I also love this remix. Off to Google Benny to see what other songs I need to buy.

dpp said...

Madonna looks fantastic, Im not sure how Id feel watching my mother wriggle around with boys my age though! That said, I really respect that shes still pushing herself - hell if I looked like her at 25 Id have been happy!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

ddp - ha. Lourdes is 12 or 13. Jesus is much older than her...22.

All jokes aside, she is inspiring. This track is great. That she is still delivering songs like this 20 plus years working an idustry that is very youth driven, is incredible.

Yvonne at Marijayn said...

Love. It! Lord, (not Lourdes), how is it that I've never heard this song or seen this video? I guess the media here is too busy talking about her sex life. She's in great shape, but I do miss the Madonna of old when an itty bitty bit of body fat wasn't a crime and her skin had a golden tone that wasn't channeling the alabaster chic look popularized by the undead Cullen family in the 'Twilight' films. Still, you go, Madge!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

yvonne - ha. I just saw the first Twilight. What was up with the stilted acting?

Madge circa "Burning Up" was a bad ass.