Sunday, December 20, 2009

Did anyone see AVATAR?

I read it's going to make 70 million this weekend.

Of course I will have to see it but for some reason I'm not really excited to.

I loved James Cameron's earlier movies but did not like TITANIC. I appreciated the special effects but was not emotionally engaged.

I saw the movie with my sister at the Willowbrook Mall theaters in Jersey. At one point I remember looking at my watch and wondering when was the freaking ship going to go down.

I hear the effects in AVATAR are mind blowing but the narrative is lame. The movie is also long, 2 hours and 40 minutes. I have no patience for long special effects movies without a good plot.

Speaking of movies, I finally saw TROPIC THUNDER. Robert Downey Jr. was priceless. "Just because it's a theme song, don't make it not true."


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I know someone who went to see this film here in the UK, must ask them what they thought.

Not a film I will be going to see though, and I have never seen Titanic ... not for me.

Hope you enjoy it if you go to see it.

gibber said...

TT was SOOO funny. One of my favorite scenes is when RDJ snatches the map out of ben stiller's hands. Too freakin funny.

dkan71 said...

I saw Avatar and liked it more than not. The story was a bit cliche - like Dances With Wolves in Space, but nearly as well-written.

There was some cringe-worthy dialogue and I also don't think the male lead had the charisma to carry the emotional weight of the movie.

BUT...the visuals were stunningly beautiful and Cameron did a remarkable job of creating a completely credible alternate world in the planet of Pandora. I liked the scenes on Pandora the best and for me the good of the movie outweighed the bad.

Flaws and all, I would recommend it.

And also, RDJ in Tropic Thunder, one of the funniest performances ever. Also if you haven't listened to the commentary, you really should. RDJ does the entire commentary in the accent and he's HYSTERICAL!

dkan71 said...

oops...I meant *not* nearly as well-written

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Anne - I'm not sure when it's opening in Rome but will try to check it out.

gibber - I think I will have to buy the DVD for the mockumentary of the "making" of. I saw a few clips of RDJ and was on the floor. ha

dkan71 - I've heard it described that way which makes me not want to see it as I was not a fan of Dances With Wolves and I'm still salty it beat Goodfellas for Best Picture at the Oscars that year.

But I feel like it's my job to see it just for the technological advances everyone is raving about. And it's something I must see on a big screen so no waiting for the DVD. Thanks for the review.

I'm going to see if can find the TT DVD here and if it has the commentary and the "making of".

I agree RDJ performance was one of the funniest I've seen in awhile. I read he improvised a lot.

dkan71 said...

Hmmm. I didn't realize that Dances With Wolves beat Goodfellas for the Oscar that year. I loved DWW, but I think Goodfellas has probably aged better. As for Avatar, I think it's worth seeing - and it's definitely a big screen movie.

I think the real achievement of the special effects is that they're not mastubatory - like oooh look at what we can do - they actually serve to fabricate the world and tell the story.

Anonymous said...

In Italy we'll watch Avatar in January... why?
Because they fear the competition with masterpieces such as "Natale a Beverly Hills" and the new work of... er... Leonardo Pieraccioni... no, nyc caribbean ragazza... I'm not joking... this is modern Italy, folks... unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking forward to RDJ playing Sherlock Holmes in Guy Richies new flick

Cynthia said...

I really liked Avatar, I saw it in 3D and I really enjoyed the movie.

I heart RDJ, he was amazing in Tropic Thunder he made that movie for me.