Monday, February 16, 2009

Bringing sexy back (trying anyway)

Good morning Bloggisti,

Well this was a better weekend then expected given my single butt had no plans for Valentine's Day. I did get a lot of writing done. I'm really into this rewrite, more on that later in the week.

Saturday afternoon I went to work out in Doria Pamphilli. It was little chilly but a bright sunny day. The park was packed. I was grooving to Kanye's "Love Lockdown" on my iPod when an OUTRAGEOUSLY handsome jogger asked me for directions.

I have no idea what the hell he was saying. It sounded like, "rrrrrr, uscire, rrrrrr, giro." I think he was asking if there was a nearby exit. I said something in butchered Italian. He smiled, said thank you and kept running. I noticed he didn't ask anyone else for directions. Maybe he was too traumatized by my babbling.

Last night went to a dinner party. I knew I was getting a ride via motorino (scooter) but decided to wear a dress. I'm really trying to work on my stank attitude and not stress out about my writing career and money. You know what they say, if you look good, you'll feel good.

I have blogged in the past about how my sister was trying to get me to dress less preppy. I was going to wear this oxford-type shirt with a sweater vest and jeans. Instead for the first time in a long time I busted out a wrap dress. I've lost enough weight here that dress doesn't highlight my gut. (Ha) But as you know, wrap dresses highlight every freaking curve. I decided not to worry about something I have no control over and didn't change to the more masculine outfit. I wore heels which I rarely do as it's hard to walk on cobblestone streets. I don't know how Italian women do it.

My friend who gave me the ride asked me where I got the dress. He also asked to me to stop freaking out during the ride. I swear we almost got clipped by a bus. My friend has been in Rome for eight years and is a very good driver. Still hitting a curve and see a huge bus merging on my right, almost made me pass out.

Last night was great. Dinner was good and the guests were interesting. My Italian was alright. I was one of two expats but my friend is fluent so the conversation was mostly in Italian.

I remember back in L.A I said I was going to try to bring sexy back into my life. I was unsuccessful. It's not about what you wear but your attitude. To be honest I felt so blah in L.A. I just gave up.

Regarding men, it was a sad situation. There was no witty banter with the opposite sex, no flirting, no nothing.

I'm still the same person here minus a few pounds but those blah feelings were gone last night. I don't know if it's because I'm trying to communicate in a different language which forces me to get out of my shell a little. I know this might shock some people esp. since I do have a blog, but I can be very shy in new social situations.

It could because the conversation flowed easily despite the language barrier. It was a dinner PARTY not an excuse to network. It's nice to relax and have fun, not feel like you have to be on all the time. Plus we had two bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne (for five people).

Spring will be here soon. I will keep the following song in mind. ha


michelle | bleeding espresso said...

The more I read you, the more I see we have in common. We must meet.

Kudos on throwing on the dress and not stressing out *too* much on the motorino! Sounds so Roman ;)

Kim B. said...

That sounds great! Sounds like one of those magical fabulous evenings. Love the idea of the dress, I too need to ditch the jeans/pants and dress more feminine more often.

And I say freak out all you want on the motorino! That fun and fear and squealing is part of the fun!! I love that feelign when you're out of your comfort zone yet know someone else is in control, so it's just up to you to let go a little bit, and let that great-feeling scream/laugh out!

Kataroma said...

I love wearing dresses -so comfy especially in the summer time. But unfortunately I'm breastfeeding so dresses are out. :( Maybe I should wean the baby for 'fashion reasons' (bad momma!)

Anyway - glad you had fun. Motorini freak me out too.

wordtryst said...

That image of you zipping through Roma on a motorino is so exciting, and free, and romantic! Carpe diem!

Ditto on the shy thing, although I do a pretty good imitation of an extrovert when it's called for. The handsome jogger would have had me smiling all day, and viva curves! I say. I've been living in jeans for years but last year I decided to give in to my skirt lust, and I now own about 10. :) Long ones, short ones... They feel wonderful, and they make me feel wonderful.

anna l'americana said...

Get your sexy on girl! And do it NOW. Rome is the place to do it - you get such great feedback there, there's nothing like hearing "Ah bona!" yelled at you from across the street to make your day! Remember, sexy isn't about your body, it's ALL in the ATTITUDE!

Anonymous said...

Good for you sis. Bring that sexy back! I myself have been stepping game up. These folks can dress! :)


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

michelle - I feel the same way. I don't know if a weekend will be enough time to chit chat. I forgot to mention in my post that since I did have on a dress, I had to not care about the hem of my dress being way above my knees. I think hiding behind the helmet helps. ha

kim b - My friend said I was making him nervous. ha. It's the first time I've rode with him. I think it will be easier once the weather gets warmer to ditch the jeans.

gibber - thanks sis. You mean you don't get a clothing allowance? You need to talk to the President about that. I kid. Every time I see Desiree Rogers I feel the same way about stepping up my game. Then I remember I'm a broke writer and she used to be married to one of the wealthiest men in Chicago and pulled down a very good salary herself. ha

kataroma - you are too funny! Oh I bet there are some mommies who do things like that. I agree dresses are perfect in hot weather. I didn't wear them too much in L.A. because I pretty much went from one freezing air conditioned place to another. We know that doesn't happen here. ha.

wordtryst - see when once the motorino ride is over I think "that was fun". However during the ride I'm holding on for dear life. That jogger was crazy fione. Even if I was fluent I would have been tongue-tied.

anna - The first time I came to Rome I was so taken aback by the "Ciao bello, Buon giorno bella, etc." in L.A. I could have walked down the middle of the street butt naked and the only thing that would have happened is someone yelling, "get out of the street". ha

Texas Espresso said...

embrace the curves! I bet you looked great. I've always envied those women who are just comfortable in their own skin, imperfections and all. I am working on that this year as well! sounds like a good night. =)

Fly Girl said...

Good for you. It's hard coming out of your comfort zone but I think you're taking the right steps. And don't rely on the broke writer excuse, I'm a broke writer and it's never kept me from rockin' fab clothes. Desiree's rarified tastes aside, there's ebay, esty and to find fashion bargains if you just can't uncover them in Italia!

Ms. Violetta said...

You go! whooo hoooo!
I love the wrap dress - great choice.

SDG said...

It sounds like a wonderful evening. Good for you! Being around fabulous people always improves my state of mind.

glamah16 said...

Sounds like your weekend was ok and positive. I'm liking the attitude.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

texas espresso - I'm working on that comfort in your own skin thing as well.

fly girl - Thanks for the tip. You're right, you can look great without spending a lot of money.

ms. violetta - I might have to get one for spring. ha

sdg - so true. Perhaps in the past I should have limited my interaction among bitter, negative people. After those evenings I always felt down.

glamah16 - It was a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your living the life! Wrap dresses are great.

You know what they say, practise makes perfect keep wearing those heels and you will be strutting your stuff all around Rome in no time!

- Coming from a heel addict, who even kept them on in Positano!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Cleopantha - long time no hear from. Grazie. wow you wore heels in Positano? I could barely get up those hills/steps in flats. ha

dalia said...

feeling the same way here in montreal... like i need to get MY sexy back. also, most of the conversations are in french, and i've yet to attend a party, for fear that i'll be relegated to standing by the punch bowl and smiling politely because i don't know anyone or speak the language.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

dalia - I so know how you feel. I say find your hottest outfit, have a cocktail and just go to the parties. People who have manners will appreciate your effort to speak their language. It would be different if you were living there for many years and still didn't speak french. I find most people try to help me communicate when they hear I've been here for less than a year. It's actually a good ice breaker.