Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flashback Friday – (on Thursday) Michael Jackson and Madonna

I usually do my Flashbacks on Friday (hence the title) but I won't have time.

Tomorrow is August 1st.

Okay, I’m having a hard time believing Michael and Madonna are both turning 50 in August!!

I have written before about how I was supposed to marry Michael when I was younger. Then I saw his Jheri-curl on cover of the “Thriller” album and the trill was gone (plus his obsession with Webster concerned me).

My parents were sick of hearing me talk about Michael Jackson all the time. One of my earliest memories, maybe I was 5, I was listening to the radio in the living room and yelled into the speaker “play the Jackson Five.” The next song was... the Jackson Five. I jumped up and down and had to tell my parents. I was so excited. I can’t remember basic Italian sentences but why I remember this incident I don’t know.

Anyway, the first album I ever had was the Jackson 5’s “Looking Through the Window” which my parents gave me for my birthday (also in August like Michael's). I don't think they had any idea what they were getting into. I asked my dad to play that album on the stereo pretty much everyday for a while. I still have it.

I couldn’t find the original cover, only re-issues online. Trust me when I tell you the Jackson brothers were looking good, esp. Michael and Jermaine (sorry Tito). Eleven years ago the company I was working for organized a press conference for him. It broke my heart to meet him. My parents thought it was funny. "After all these years you finally got to see him." But he looked crazy. As I looked up at him (he’s tall, over 6 feet) I noticed his nose looked like it was going to fall off due to multiple surgeries. How is it someone who was my complexion is now fairer than John McCain?

I choose to remember the good years before, Bubbles, Webster, Neverland, an awkward kiss with Lisa Marie and pedophile trials, with the clip below. Happy birthday Michael Jackson. You were the love of my live for almost 10 years. ☺

In the first clip of this compilation I think he’s like what 6? Amazing. “The Love You Save” is one of the best pop songs EVER.

I can’t believe the woman who sang “Everybody” will be 50. I wish I had bought that SEX book. A good copy sells for over $200. Remember how controversial it was? It came out in 1992. Steven Meisel shot all the photos. Fabien Baron art directed I think and I remember Big Daddy Kane and Isabella Rossellini were in the book. Random.

I know some people have issues with Madge. However, I love dance music and she’s been jamming since 1983. It's pretty much unheard of to have that kind of relevant longevity in the entertainment business. Like I said before, I didn’t get her whole “passing the torch to Britney thing.” Please. There is no comparison.

Madonna was/is the one driving her own career not a bunch of producers or stage parents. Plus she could be pretty damn funny. When she sang “Like a Virgin” she was in her mid 20s and everyone knew she had slept with half of downtown Manhattan. She was being ironic.

When tying to figure out which clip to post, I had a hard time choosing. Take a Bow, Respect Yourself, Borderline, Like A Virgin, Frozen, something from “Confessions on the Dance Floor”, or Music which featured Ali G “aka Sacha Baron Cohen” years before most people in the States had heard of him.

I was working with a former co-worker during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards years ago in NYC when Madonna walked by. My co-worker and I are 5"2. We were floored by how petite Madonna was. I assumed she was taller; she projected height. I doubt she’s over 5"4.

In the end I went with one I haven’t seen in a while. The shot of the towers at the end is sad. Happy Birthday Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone.


Di Mackey said...

Mostly it was pure delight to find your blog but the whole happy 50th thing sent me into a spiral ...

I was a child of the Jackson 5 era and I panicked for a moment 'How old am I?'

It's okay, I was growing up in New Zealand, perhaps we were getting old tv clips but I'm not 50.

Enjoy Rome and congrats on getting there.

joanne at frutto della passione said...

What memories music can bring to mind. I've just had two very different but equally pleasant flashbacks, Thanks!

Tina said...

I used to kiss my poster of Michael Jackson good night before bed when I was a kid. I can't believe I did that. Ha!

That Madonna video is one of my favorites! It really hits home for me just because I grew up mostly with my dad. Luckily I never found myself in the situation described in the song.
I forgot how hot that guy is in the video though! Wow! Man oh man.

glamah16 said...

I could get $200 for my SEX book? Its just sitting collecting dust. I feel so old now. I have to say Mdonna looks fab for 50. I wouldn't nor could make the sacrifices she has to attain it, but hats off to her. I like my food a little to much.

Felicia said...

Madonna still rules. Whenever I need to a quick jolt of energy or some "going out" music, I put her on and all is right in the world.


P.S. I'm adding you to my blogroll. You're too cool.

Ciao Bella!

Maria from Philly said...

Wow thanks for the flashback! Both video clips rocked! Madonna definitely ROCKS even at 50. I'm pretty upset b/c she's going to be in concert in Atlantic City November 22nd which is 2 weeks after I'm due to give birth...don't think I can swing that one :-( Oh well maybe next time! Oh and by the way, I LOVE your native island, we visit evyre year (Orient Beach rocks) ;-)

Christine said...

Man, those Jackson Five clips mean I'll have to scour the house for my greatest hits CD to listen to on the way to work tomorrow. Thanks for the flashback for real.

(By way of Bleeding Espresso, although I'm pretty sure I've seen you over at Afrobella too.)

Jealous of you a bit over in Italy. *sigh* It's been a looooooooong time since my last time there.

Monika said...

Gosh MJ and Madonna - that is a blast from the past. I know it sounds really old, but the artists these days just can't compare!
Great blog as usual :)

margi said...

My friend from school was going to marry Michael too. Lately she told me she'd pruned her harem down to just Denzel and Pierce and I think, like you, she's frozen Michael in the happier days. Personally, speaking of blondes, I just LOVED Debbie Harry. I just knew I was going to grow up like that *sigh* *snort*

erin :: the olive notes said...

(this is no joke)...I'm listening to MJ Beat It in the background as I read and comment on this post!!! So weird. The guys working on our remodel have it on in the other room :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

di mackey - thanks...I had that "how old am I" when I first hear they were turning 50 and eligible to be in AARP.

joanne - you're welcome.

tina - yes I forgot about the guy in the video as well. Hello! Madonna has a great eye, no? Don't feel bad I used to kiss my cover of Right On! when he was on it.

glamah16 - Madge does have a lot of help, trainers, chefs, etc. I really can't believe the woman in the "4 minutes" video is 50 this month. Hold on to your book. I'm sure it will increase in value. They are hard to find.

felicia - grazie! How about some of the remixes? excellent dance music.

maria - I agree you might not be able to go to the concert. :) SXM is a special place. I'm a worried though about the overdevelopment and crime. Hopefully things will get better. I know it will never be the place is was when I was a kid. Those days are over. I wish at was at Orient right this minute having a Heineken. It's very hot in Rome now. A nice ocean breeze would be lovely.

christine - you're welcome and yes I read Afrobella. Her blog is fantastic.

monika - grazie. I agree regarding most singers today and I don't care if that makes me sound old. It's true. ha

margi - you're friend has excellent taste. thanks for stopping by. I LOVED Debbie Harry and Blondie as well.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - it's a sign! of what I don't know. :) Right now The Red Hot Chili Pepper's "My Friends" is on my iTunes as I check my emails and eat lunch.

Felicia said...

It's all about the remixes.
I have "Nothing Really Matters" the remix by Kruder + Dorfmeister. It's nothing but THE HOTNESS!

Here's the link to listen to it:

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


onmywayhome said...

Ok so I find myself asking who is sicker, me or Michael , as I watch the video I realize I find myself feeling that ole crush again...and if Madonna is turning 50, then I am darn close behind. I prefer to stay in my dream state...thanks for the wake up call. Enjoy reading your off to Rome for 5 days on Mon and fantasizing about eating...not the trip I fantasized about when I was last there at 24...but at least I am returning...with 3 kids in tow! Maybe I'll see you sipping mojitos. Can you write about your favorite eats so far. Thanks for writing.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

felicia - thanks for the link. That was my favorite track off that CD.

onmywayhome - When I think of MJ from the "Bad" era on, my crush ends. Remember when he kissed Iman in the video "Remember the Time?" Great song, but that kiss was uncomfortable. Poor Iman

I ate out at more restaurants when I was visiting. Now I usually eat at home (I love to cook) or I'm invited to friend's for dinner. When I go out to meet friends I mostly do aperitivos which is easier for my budget and my bedtime. ha.

One place I have been to a couple of time is: Maccheroni in Pz. della Coppelle (near Pz. Navona). Excellent pasta. 06 6830 7895

The pizza at the Campo de Fiori Forno (near the flower stands) is excellent. Lunch time only I think and closed on Sunday.

'Gusto Oseteri near Pz. del Popolo, I haven't eaten at the fancy restaurant there but hear the wine bar is good/fun. Across that Piazza (facing the fancy 'Gusto Ristorante) is a new 'Gusto, a cafe. Very good drinks. 06 322 6273

Then there is the non-restaurant (two fat guys) I blogged about earlier this week. Not sure if you can show up without reservations.

There was an excellent fish place someone took me to for lunch in Pz. delle Coppelle right across the street from Maccheroni. I can't think of the name if I find it will let you know.

From past visits, can't speak to how the food is now:

Le Mani in Pasta - Trastevere (on the quieter side by Santa Ceceila near, Via Della Luca). Stick to the pastas. This place is small and was very popular with the locals. 06 581 6017.

Taverna Trillusa - Trastevere not far from Pz. Trillusa. I think it's only open for dinner. Good traditional food. Reservations recommended but not sure if it will be that crowded in August so maybe you don't need them.

Montecarlo - Pizzeria/restaurant owned by the family who owns Da Baffetto. Closed on Mondays. Near Pz. Navona/Campo de Fiori area.

Some of these places might be closed for the holiday since they are frequented by mostly locals so call first.

Have a great trip

wordtryst said...

It's like there was some kind of time warp and all of a sudden everyone is getting old. Which must mean I am too. I'm jolted every day.

I adored the J5, of course. They were the hottest ever. Michael was beyond great, but Jermaine was the one I was going to marry. I've seen Jackie guesting on shows with in the last few years and he looked good, but I never looked at him back then.

Madonna - well, it has all been said. Take a Bow is my fave, along with Isla Bonita.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wodtryst - ha! I know what you mean. If Madonna and Michael are 50, that means I am really no longer in my early 30s. :)

The Take a Bow video is gorgeous. I will have to post it during another Flashback Friday.