Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Later for Spain

So glad France beat them and their racist coach. I would also like to add that Mr. Henry is fine as well.

On the news this morning, a report said more than 30% of the World Cup viewing audience is made up of women. The report went on to say clearly advertisers missed out. I don't know about that. I love the Jose + 10 ads and the Nike Brasilian ads. We are fans that's why we are watching. I'm happy I don't have to see ads about how to look younger with so and so's face cream or how comfortable Stayfree maxi pads are, even for active women. I'm sorry as a former soccer player, I know you cannot run around wearing pads. Not pratical.

Last night had my first JLLA committee meeting. I was going to sign up this year to volunteer at Hollywood Boys and Girls club again or Downtown Women's shelter. However, I got a call from one of the Jr. League members saying I was nominated for a leadership position. I couldn't tell anyone in the League and had 24 hours to make a decision. I have no idea who nominated me but I said yes. So this year I will be a Provisional Neighborhood advisor.

The first year you are in the League you are a Provisional trainee. Since Los Angeles is so spend out, the class is broken up into neighborhood groups. I will be an advisor for one of those groups. It should be an interesting year.

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