Saturday, June 10, 2006

First upset, 10 pages!

I don't speak Spanish but I switched to watching Univision coverage. ESPN2/ABC is too painful. Endless stupid chatter and no passion. Right now England vs. Paraguay is on and these fools are talking about Posh Spice. As if Americans could only connect to David Beckhman through his marriage to the worst singer on the Spice Girls.

Speaking of Americans and soccer, check out this fool's article. No, he's not being sarcastic.

Edcador upset Poland yesterday.

I, in a burst of not sure what, wrote 10 pages before lunch. Typos galore but glad with what I wrote. Will proof later this weekend. I have a bunch of scripts to read.

Had fun last night at Blair's in Silverlake. A producer friend organized a little dinner. One of her co-workers is from Rome and his friend, from Milan, met us. Molto compliments on my accent. I still get nervous speaking it here and any encouragment is a good thing.

Off to the gym.

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