Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tom Ford, Kayne and Santino, please sit your ass down!

"What is Kanye wearing?"

A message my sister sent from her Blackberry.

I missed most of the Grammys because last night was the first night of our Spring session for the Girls Empowerment Workshop at the Hollywood Boys and Girls club. I volunteer there on Wednesdays and I was the co-chair of the first workshop. We covered manners/etiquette. Very fun, the girls are great. Some of their questions/answers were a trip. For example, it's good to have manners but you can't be overly friendly because then people will think you're a punk. Uhmmm okay.

We haven't received the new, controversial issue of Vanity Fair at the office yet. Apparently there was all kinds of drama regarding Rachel McAdams not wanting to pose nude. I did see the cover on the newstand. What the fuck is Tom Ford doing on the cover? He's not an actress. As much as I hate the waxed chest look "a.k.a Smoothies" are the early 70's back? What's with the shirt opened to almost the waist? Tom is in a very porn mood now (his eyewear ad campaign). The fashionistas think he is close to jumping the shark.

Clearly Kayne got his fashion cues from Tom. What's up with the gloves and the sunglasses? My man you are not Prince, stop tripping. Mr. West is talented but seems to have no sense of humor and a very thin skin. He talks smack but takes himself way too seriously. I have not heard one positive thing about him from my friends or colleagues who deal with him.

Santino, I'm perplexed as to why he is still there. The man does not listen. His jumpsuit was awful. It did not fit and was falling apart. He is very critical of everyone's work but thinks he's perfect.

I know these are very tough fields to suceed in and it's important to be confident. However, there is no need to treat people around you like crap. The same people you step on to reach the top will be cheering your demise on your way down. Ask Mike Ovitz.


gibber said...

Yeah, last night's grammys weren't good. I was totally unimpressed with most things. What I liked - U2 - these guys get older, better and HOTTER. Mariah - yes, that's why she's the voice people. Christina - yes, that's why she won best new artist over Britney, people. Bruuuuuce. STILL the man.

What I didn't like - Kanye! Just annoying. His perfermance was ok, but he's SOOOO full of himself. I can't take it. The little videos they played before each performance. made the show longer. Paul McCartney's performance. Yeah, yawn. I guess he was before my time. I could care less. Alicia Keyes and Stevie Wonder's painful opening. It was awkward and too long. Ugh, I could go on, but I won't.

I have to check out VF. Here's my Tom Ford story - was working the VH1 fashion awards red carpet, and was supposed to escort Tom Ford down past the cameras and onlookers. "Who the fuck is Tom Ford?" I said. I would have been better suited at the Grammys.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

It's okay I still love you. I think I remember when you worked the awards. Why were you working the FASHION awards if you didn't know who Tom Ford was? That's like working the Oscars and asking who is Harvey Weinstein. LOL!!

Poor Paul. You should check out the Beatles, though. Before both our times but classic. I even like some of the stuff he did with Wings (the early years).

Agree with you about Mariah, yes she has bad fashion sense and some of her old songs were cheesy but the girl can blow. I would like to see Beyonce sing a balland live, no backing vocals, booty shaking and all the things used to distract from the fact she's more of an entertainer than a singer. Will be curious to see how where her career will be when she's 30.

gibber said...

I was working the fashion awards so I could party with the stars at pier 61 afterwards. Remember, this was when i was single and fabulous, you know, when i had a life.

Yeah, I do like the Beatles. Just don't dig on Paul solo...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

LOL. So my friend said Kanye was channeling Kool Moe Dee with those leather gloves. He's old school hip-hop so you might not know the classics "Wild Wild West" and "I Go to Work". :)

Re: Paul solo. I feel you. Also, I did not like the song "Ebony and Ivory" but "Say, Say, Say" is kinda catchy.

gibber said...

Oh No You Didn't! I KNOW who Kool Moe Dee is! "I get the job done! I Work! BABY!"