Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Valentines Day!

Whatever. I fear in my world romance as we know it is dead. I have never received flowers or anything since college. This DJ I used to go out with at Syracuse used to make tapes for me. After all my moves (DC, NYC, LA)I still have them.

Come to think of it I can count on one hand how many real dates I've been on. What the heck is going on, was I too busy working or something? Oh yeah, most of my 20's were spent in the "Cholocate City", Washington DC, where the women out number men by some ridulous number. My brother, a Howard grad, basically had women throwing themselves at him. Plus I was working in politics so my hours were crazy and I moved around alot working on campaigns.

NYC was great then I moved to LA where I am just invisible. Nothing going on but the rent. The worst dates, if you can call them that, were in this city. I do know some colleagues who have met guys online. I've tried it, not for me.

Where did the romance go? When I was younger I saw these postcards my dad sent to my mom when they were dating long distance. She was in NYC and he was in Curacao. Even to my cynical American mind they were sweet. He moved to America, a place he had never even visited to marry the women he loved. Today you are lucky if the guy you are dating on the westside will drive east of the 405 to see you.

Romance is dead. E morta, finito, niente.

Okay off to work.

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