Friday, February 03, 2006

A case of the blahs

I was watching the news and they were talking about the problems older moms face. I realized, seeing how I am single and broke, I may never be a mom and became very upset. I think sometimes I forget how old I am and still believe I'm going to get married and have a family. I haven't had a date in maybe 2-3 years, so that is unlikely. I think the last one was with that freaky "architect/perfomance artist" guy from Columbia who had serious father and anger issues. One of the worst dates ever.

My backup plan of adopting might be a non starter as well. I need to make some money in order to adopt and where would I raise a child by myself? Out here far from my siblings and thousand of miles away from my parents? The public schools are terrible and real estate is out of control. A two bedroom room condo around the corner from me sold for 1.3 million. No doorman, or pool and this being LA you need a car. I get paying those prices in NYC, San Fran or Boston not so much on Croft street.

Stuff like this makes me want to eat some Doritos. It will take much discipline not to stop by Gelsons after class. Tomorrow a group of us are going to see the movie Something New. It's really a damn documentary (except for the part about the cute guy with the jeep and the nice dog).

File under something to look forward to: While typing this I just got off the phone with an exec at HBO. He told me to call him before my trip. The miniseries "Rome" might be in production and he will try to get me a set visit. It's shooting at Cinecitta. Maybe I will get to go on one of the days James Purefoy and Ray Stevenson are working.

See, now I can stop before a rant kicks in. In a couple of months I will be outta here!!


gibber said...

YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR CAMERA. If you see Marc Anthony....good lord. That man is SMOKIN HOT.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you to stay strong. You are a wonderful person and YES you will be going to Italy, VERY SOON!!!!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

thanks anon.