Friday, November 25, 2005


I am so thankful for my family and friends.

Spoke to my parents and sister last night. My brother had already gone to bed. My aunt's funeral was yesterday. It was at the Methodist church in Marigot. My sister said it was packed. There were people from all over the island and from Anguilla. There were announcements with the time and date on the radio.
After the service they walked behind the hearse up the street to the cemetary. I always thought it was such a beautiful traditon and walk, looking on the right at the ocean. That side of the street is shut down and it's very peaceful.

My dad and sister sang before the funeral (it's like a viewing) but my dad had no role at all in the planning of his sister's funeral. Greedy cousin kissed my family then sat down. She didn't say a word to them all day. I was told Greedy counsin's eulogy sucked. It was all about her.

My sister told one of our second cousins that all this drama needs to stop now. She told me Dad was so stressed and tired, he did not go to the reception. It was up the street at my aunt's house.

I spoke to him last night and he said was so glad my siblings came down. He can't wait for me to come home. I feel the same.


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Hey there, saw your comment on my blog...glad you're learning Italian. Why? It's a beautiful language...Let me know if you want practice. PS> You should say...Che cazzo! or Che cazzo e'? since you don't need cosa. ;)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks Rosso! I think it's very important to curse correctly. :) I will reply to your question on your blog.