Friday, November 11, 2005

great now I have a blog

Very exciting. Have no idea who would read this thing but here goes.

This was actually a great week. "Hell A" seemed almost tolerable. I love my job but not a fan of the city I have to live in. I think things are getting better. Thank god, I've been here for 7 years. Volunteering and taking classes have really helped. In 2006 I am going to get out more. I know I said that in 2005 but that was before the company I worked for shut down. Hard to care about a social life when trying to pay the rent.

Now that the special election is over I can focus on really important things. For example Derailed. I am very conflicted about this movie. I love Clive and Vincent but never liked Friends. I'm a Seinfeld person. The commericals are not the most effective. Do I take a chance or just wait until Spike's movie comes out with Denzel AND Clive?

I wish I had Tivo so I could watch Oprah with Terry McMillian and her ex again. Fascinating.

Okay this post is boring to me and I wrote it. I'm exhausted. I have a ton of reading for work this weekend and Italian homework I need to finish before class tonight.


gibber said...

LOL. You have a blog! That's very hi-tech of you.

I feel your derailed delimna, but really, Clive. I will sit through freaking Beyond Borders just to get a glimpse. The Man is the gold standard to which all wimpy, whiny, puny men should aspire.

Miss Cole said...

Now you have another forum in which to rant, which means so do I:) Woo hoo! I think your Derailed dilemma has been solved since it is getting HORRIBLE reviews despite the fabulous Clive. I don't know that I have even seen one of his movies. I live a sheltered life in NYC. Regarding the Terry McMillan Oprah, it was fascinating. She looked so hurt and does not seem to be completely resolved with how she feels about it yet. I love how O came for him about the money. Why can't she be like that with the celebs?