Saturday, November 12, 2005

My humps, che cosa cazzo (what the f**k)!

Just got home from my Italian class. Love that we are meeting at a classmate's house this month. The traffic is a pain but after a glass of wine I'm good. The classes are getting more difficult. The grammar is not easy and I seem to have a problem remembering to pronouce all my vowels. I also listen to the Pimsleur CD's and just started level 3 today. The instructor was speaking so fast, I have to repeat it. Our professor is the most patient man alive. He's a Roman filmmaker who went to USC. I am sure we are butching the hell out of "la bella lingua" but he makes us feel better by saying his first year of learning english was tough. It's hard to learn a language when you don't speak it every day.

So while stuck on La Cienega on the way to class, this truly horrible song comes on the radio. Are the Black Eyes Peas joking? I pray they are being ironic. Even if they are, that song is the worst since....uhm can't think of one. I have their first cd (pre fergie) and they had a huge following out here. When the Elephunk CD hit I couldn't understand why there was so much hateration directed towards them. After hearing the first single off the latest CD, I now know why. Fergie is not Lisa, Lisa and with My humps, the Peas have jumped the shark. One of my friends was back east and saw TRL when the VJ said "you know a song is a hit when everyone from your 5 year old niece to your gramdma sings it". she was apalled. I agree with my friend, there is nothing cute about a 5 year old singing about her non existent humps and bump.

Speaking of the Peas, thanks to Whitney I can't get that Shut up, Shut up, song out of my head.


gibber said...

Oh, dear sis. It is NO joke. Have you seen the video? It's all about girls showing their lovely lady lumps. I mean, it's a STUPID song, and then the video to boot. We were talking at work about what rock group to work with next, and someone mentioned them. I was like, uh, NO! They're corny.

Off topic, saw Jarhead last night. It was ok. Jake G. is beautiful to look at and there are some really funny yet sad parts of that movie. Saw previews for Munich. ALL HAIL DANIEL CRAIG. Yeah, I'm definiately gonna see that.

gibber said...

oh, totally off topic? i was forced to watch spanglish last nite - ok, i actually just wanted to see how bad it was. about the only good thing in the movie? that i immediately recognized the PCH when they first went to their summer home. what awfulness that movie was!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

gibber, I saw Spanglish last night too. It was strange. The daughter narrates but the movie was about the Klasky's. Also, what chef, especially one who works/lives in Los Angeles, doesn't know ANY spanish? No one affliated with the movie read "kitchen confidential"?