Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bye, Bye, Berlusconi!!!!

Last night I walked over to Palazzo Grazioli (the PM's residence in Rome) with my friend Max. Max lives in L.A. but is studying in Florence for a semester.

The energy was electric and joyous. On the news there was a clip of a choir singing "Hallelujah".

I can't believe he actually resigned. It's ironic that the financial markets were responsible for his downfall, not all his scandals, not the opposition, not his low approval ratings (below 25%), or the power struggles within his coalition.

As he left Grazioli, the crowd booed and people yelled, "Shame!"

Who knows what the post Berlusconi era will look like. He's left the country in a huge mess. I think Ari Gold from "Entourage" sums up how I felt about Silvo B. (NSFW)

The buses in the background were stuck.

My friend Max.


gibber said...

Hahahaha. One of my favorite ari clips. Yay!!! Can't believe he's finally gone!

Sue said...

A great day

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

It was a great day and I still can't believe he resigned. I have a feeling he'll be back though. sigh.

Tracie P. said...

hahahaha! that was pretty funny arlene :) WHAT a disgusting buffoon of a "man."