Thursday, August 04, 2011

Snapshot Rome - The GAP

Shot on Via del Corso. I'm very curious to see how the clothes in this store will differ from the clothes Stateside. The cuts will definitely have to be smaller. Baggy/loose clothes are not popular here. Even hip-hop loving teenagers don't do baggy.

The last few times I've been in the GAP (at the Grove or Century City in L.A.) were disappointing. The GAP used to be the place to get good, well made basics at decent prices. Now, it's maybe one step above Forever 21. The clothes look and feel cheap. What the heck happened? That said, GAP BODY is fantastic. They have the best cotton underwear, PJs, etc.

A friend just Tweeted me to say, the GAP opened on Sunday. The cuts are smaller. She bought eleven shirts. Clothes were made in Turkey and Egypt instead of Vietnam.


Paola said...

I might visit next time I'm in Roma as I buy GAP for my boy, I still find it good.
For me? Not so much.

Viajera said...

We don't have it here in Holland and I don't really miss it because the brand is indeed a dud now. Dunno what happened to the design.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Paola - I agree that GAP kids and Baby are fantastic.

Viajera - I heard the team of designers is different for Europe. They are in London, Paris, Milan and Rome. Maybe Amsterdam is next!

Alelunetta said...

Hi! I've been at the GAP shop in Milan many times and I never bought a t-shirt (or anything else)! Really don't like the fabrics, they're quite cheap and as often than not synthetic. Banana Republic (the shop is near the Gap's one) seems nicer also if you have to pay 70 euros for a pair of jeans made in China :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Alelunetta - I am very curious to see what type of clothes Banana Republic sells in Europe.

In past I would only buy things made from cotton at the GAP. The synthetic blends feel/look terrible.