Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is here!

Ciao bloggisti,

Well, summer is upon us and the living is not quite easy. I will be close to home this year. I have to finish my novel. I wish I had a Medici as a patron so I could finish said novel in an environment with a cool breeze, like the Amalfi coast or perhaps Forte dei Marmi.

Instead I will take a few day trips out the beach.

What are your plans for the summer?

Here's a little old school freestyle music to get the summer started.


Viajera said...

My plan? Survive summer! :D Will be working, but hopefully I can sneak in a road trip. Enjoy yours! ;)

Paola said...

It's here.
As always it blasted from one day to the next and now it's hot as hell.
Pardon my ingorance, what's a Medici?

Rose in Cali said...

Girl, I have to work all summer, too, but hello -- tu sei a ROMA. Please explore the local beaches (I like the one you did of Sperlonga last year) and report back! Buon fine settimana! :D

Jannelle said...

I will be in Italy starting on July 3rd. I will spend a week in Rome. After that I will take the train to Verona where I will take a language course. I'm excited.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

viajera - I hear you. Good luck!

Paola - Yesterday was our first really hot day. Today is not so bad.

The Medici were one of the most powerful families in Europe. They were based in Florence but their influence reach beyond that city.

The Uffizi art gallery in Florence (which is massive) used to be their office! They were very involved in the arts and were the patrons for many, many artists. Their banking dynasty started in the the 1400s and the fall of the family happened in the 1700s. At one point the Medicis were the wealthiest family in all of Europe. Many of the Medici Popes sponsored artists like Michangelo etc. In Rome the French Academy is located in an Medici villa. The building and the grounds are unreal. Gorgeous.

rose in cali - I'm going to do my best to see the beach a few times this summer. We'll see what happens with the novel.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Jannelle - that is exciting! Buon viaggio.

Melany said...

Thank you soooo much for posting "Summertime Summertime!" I love that song. Just the other day I was trying to make my sister remember it.

My summertime plan is to be more active/have more fun than I was/did last summer/

homebody at heart said...

Staycation! But it's a good thing since I finally got the backyard done.

P. S. I guess Cloonalis is over. I thought she would have had a baby by now since I thought they both wanted one even though I think he is waay too old for her but not Hugh Hefner old.

Paola said...

I did think about the Medici (I know about them) but I didn't connect THEM with you and I thought it was something else, something I didn't know.
Thanks for the clarification!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

melany - you're welcome. Isn't it a great song. Brings back a lot of memories.

homebody - Clooney has said for years he's never getting married again. The minute I read her quote about marriage in some magazine, I know the relationship was going to be over soon. Enjoy your staycation and your backyard!

paola - prego!