Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday - GLEE - "Don't Stop Believing"

The hit American TV show GLEE just started airing in Italy.

After hearing all the hype and my even my jaded film industry friends rave about the show, I finally got to see it.

Ryan Murphy who created the shows POPULAR and NIP/TICK created this show based on his own high school experience.

Are the students cliches? Yes I think that's the point. Of course the football jock is dating the head cheerleader. But then he's blackmailed into joining the GLEE club. ha

It's great the show is introducing younger viewers to songs from different genres and eras. The actors are crazy talented and kudos to casting for picking people who can actually sing.

Jane Lynch plays the very mean cheerleader coach She's hilarious.

This video is from the ending of the pilot episode. It warms my geeky music loving heart. I love the energy and joy.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Energy and Joy! Yes! Well said. I watched last night as well and I loved it. So fun, cute and smart. I was in my concert choir in high school and I wish we were that cool. We used to sing En Vogue on the bus but nothing that fun on stage. The Push It performance was hysterical!

Simone said...

Love this show - playing with the reality and fantasy of H.S. cliches and music of course make this show - glad I listened to friends encouraging me to watch it on because I don't own a TV!

Ms. Wooden Shoes said...

I am such a GLEEK!! It hasn't started in Holland yet, but I download the show on itunes. Had a marathon viewing a few days ago in fact. I'm absolutely hooked.

Anonymous said...

never heard the term but I must be GLEEK also!

we watch it every week there's a new episode. check out this live performance in a mall in rome (made me think of you for obvious reasons)

Sonia said...

I too... am a GLEEK! Last April when they aired the pilot, iTunes had it for free. I downloaded it and was hooked! It was torture waiting for the fall but well worth it. Now I'm just waiting for April again for them to continue the rest of season 1.

Most of the music is amazing but there are a few songs that I'm not that crazy about. I'm really excited to see what is coming up. I know they're doing an all Madonna version and word on the street is that Jane Lynch will be doing 'Vogue'! Can't wait!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sm - Okay I was cracking up during the Push It performance. Why was the principal swaying to the music as if he was at a Barry Manilow concert?! haha

simone - I know some have complained that it's not sharp enough to be a satire yet unrealistic to be an honest portrayal of H.S. I've only seen one episode but I agree with you that it's playing with the reality and fantasy of what H.S. is like.

mws - I can't get iTunes in the States. grrr but looking forward to next week's episode.

cc - thanks for that link. Will check it out.

sonia - Jane Lynch doing Vogue?! Can't wait. I wonder how the show affords all the music rights?

Sonia said...

I'm not sure how they can afford all the rights to the music but I've read on several sites that A LOT of musicians are huge fans of the show and are more than happy to let them use their music. I think in one interview I heard that Billy Joel offered up his entire catalogue for their use.

As far as the Madonna episode, I read that on Glee's Facebook page with a link to E! online.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

thanks for the info Sonia! I hope they do pre-CB (Christie Brinkley) Billy Joel. heh

milanese masala said...

I was really looking forward to finally watching Glee and I have to say I'm not disappointed. Yes, certain things are larger than life and cliched but I love the positive energy of the show. And the way they rework the songs is brilliant. Did you hear their version of Golddigger? Wow!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

milanese - yes I did and thought it was v. good.